The 9 Great Sports Bras to Withstand Any Workout

The 9 Best Sports Bras to Withstand Any Workout

If you’ve ever gone for a run or powered through a bootcamp class, you know finding the right sports bra for your body is more or less crucial. Have one that’s unsupportive and you can expect to bounce all over the place — not to mention end up in a world of pain.

“The breast contains no muscle or bone, and its only natural support are the Coopers ligaments — fine ligaments inside the breast — and the skin,” explains Amy Sanchez, a senior research associate in biomechanics at the University of Portsmouth in England. “Both of these structures can be easily stretched when we move, which may cause discomfort and damage to the breast structure.”

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Not only that, but an inadequate bra can actually alter your form! Why? When your chest is flailing, you tend to try to switch things up to reduce bounce and stop the pain in its tracks. Even worse: That changed-up form can make your workout less effective. “Our research has shown that women generally adopt a less efficient running style when wearing low-level breast support compared to when wearing high-level support,” says Sanchez. “In the low-level support, women had greater thorax flexion, a shorted step length, greater arm swing, and greater thorax and pelvis rotation. Plus, activation of the muscles in the chest and shoulders was greater.” Need we say more?

Your Sports Bra Check List

To ensure you’re getting a sports bra with the best fit, follow these five tips from Sanchez — then check out our picks below. The right bra should have:

  • An underband that fits securely (it anchors the bra to your torso)
  • Straps that feel secure but don’t dig into your shoulders
  • Fabric in front that lies flat against your torso
  • Cups that fully encase your breasts with no bulging or gaping
  • For underwire styles: underwire that follows the natural base of your breasts and doesn’t lie on the breast tissue

9 Sports Bras to Withstand Any Workout  

Ready to end your quest for the perfect sports bra? We put dozens of new styles through their paces so you don’t have to. Below are our top picks for every size, shape and workout style. Your new go-to is here, we promise!

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Sweaty Betty Sports Bra

Sweaty Betty Yama Padded Yoga Bra
Best for: Yoga, Pilates and barre
We’re loving the delicate look of this soft offering from our favorite British brand of the moment. One tester raved about how the “barely-there” elastic straps and “cute T-style back.” Also, it’s constructed with sweat-wicking material, making it an awesome option for a hot yoga or barre classes. ($65;

Manduka Wrap-Up

Manduka Wrap-Up Bralette
Best for: Low-impact studio sessions
This super-soft offering from Manduka’s just-launched first clothing line is a must-have for yoga and Pilates devotees. Though not big on support, it’s an insanely cozy option for low-impact sessions. Plus, with its high neckline and double layers of fabric, the crop top provides complete coverage — no matter how big your bust. ($62;

Athleta Double Dare Sports Bra

Athleta Hyper Stripe Double Dare Bra
Best for: Hot workouts, inside or out
Testers touted the “super-soft, seamless feel” of this lightweight, moisture-wicking bra. A keyhole in the back adds breathability, and you can feel good knowing the fabric’s made from recycled plastic. Yes, you read that right: Approximately eight bottles are saved per garment! ($49;

RYU Bralette

RYU Teclayr Bra Top
Best for: Low-to-medium impact workouts
One tester said she’s not usually into crop tops but loves “the smooth, flattering fit” of this style. Its sweat-wicking fabric and panel of mesh on the inside both help keep you cool. This one will go the distance for low- or medium-impact workouts — plus you can stash your key or credit card in the inner pocket while you’re at it. ($53;

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Nike Pro Hyper Sports Bra

Nike Pro Hyper Classic Padded Sports Bra
Best for: Cardio, HIIT and sports training sessions
Get stoked about this high-tech update on Nike’s popular Pro sports bra. Removable pads give additional coverage, and flat seams nix chafing. Plus, the pretty flocked fabric doesn’t just add style — it adds extra support to boot. ($60;

Brooks Sureshot Racer Sports Bra

Brooks Sureshot Racer Sports Bra
Best for: Running and cycling
This well-priced Brooks must-have pairs ultimate compression with comfort, making it a chafe-free option for a run or group-cycling class. Testers agreed that the wide band underneath was super comfortable, and one noted that the bra seemed to “completely melt away after two minutes — I didn’t feel it at all.” ($38;

Under Armour Eclipse Sports Bra

Under Armour Eclipse Sports Bra
Best for: Cardio and strength
Reviewers loved the “second-skin fit” of this sleek, medium-impact option. It’s flattering crisscross straps move with you to eliminate chafing and irritation, making it a comfy go-to for strength sessions, runs, or any workout involving lots of dynamic movement. ($40;

New Balance Comfy Conformer Sports Bra

New Balance Comfy Conformer Bra
Best for: High coverage, zero bounce
The hook-and-eye closure can be tough to snap by yourself, but don’t be surprised if you feel “absolutely zero bounce.” Sturdy, molded cups and sculpted side panels hold breasts in place, and adjustable straps mean a snug but comfy fit. ($58;

Enell Sport Sports Bra

Enell Sports Bra
Best for: Larger chests, maximum security
OK yes, this style looks like something in your grandmother’s dresser, but its comfy wide straps, moisture-wicking material, and arsenal of hooks and eyes up the front are what make it a favorite among large-breasted exercisers. “It’s the best high-impact bra for bigger chests I’ve ever tried — and I’ve tried a lot,” said one reviewer. It’s a must for busts with cup size C and above, and will keep ’em in place and dry during your most intense workouts. (from $64;

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