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Supportive. Reliable. Flexible. Comfortable. We’re not just talking about your best gal pals. These characteristics form the foundation of the best sports bras out there. Instead of keeping you from your fitness goals by constricting you or falling short on support, your garment should be there to lift you up and help you stomp right over your previous PR. So we slipped into dozens of sports bras to find an A-plus roster. From low- to high-impact — and all the sweaty activities in between — here’s the list of your girls’ new BFFs.

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13 Amazing Sports Bras for Every Athlete

Best Sports Bras: Reebok Strappy Sports Bra

1. Best for Vinyasa Yoga: Reebok Strappy Sports Bra ($50)

Slip into this stylish Reebok top for all your sun salutations. The V-neck straps not only look good under a cute tank come brunch, but they also help hold you in place as you float through down dog, crow and more. Better yet, this bra has antimicrobial, removable cups for more lift and separation.

Best Sports Bras: Knixwear Longevity Bra

2. Best for Hot Yoga: Knixwear Longevity Bra ($50)

Rock this crop top during your next heated flow. The silky threads and strappy design move with your body and feel extra smooth against your skin as you sweat. The flattering design also means you can feel confident in it sans tank — something you’ll appreciate when things start heating up.

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Best Sports Bras: Calia Women's Inner Power Tri-Strap Printed Bra

3. Best for Pilates: Calia Women’s Inner Power Tri-Strap Printed Bra ($45)

The colors and cut of this Carrie Underwood-approved bra definitely catch the eye. But you’ll keep wearing it for the flexible fit, moisture control and anti-odor tech embedded in the fabric. The thick straps and band also allow for better mobility.

Best Sports Bras: Old Navy Go-Dry Medium Support Mesh-Back Sports Bra

4. Best for Barre: Old Navy Go-Dry Medium Support Sports Bra ($20)

Pulse and plié in the pretty floral print of this Old Navy bra, which won’t hurt your wallet. With a quick-dry jersey finish, stabilizing straps and a scoop neck, it has all the attributes you need to get through a muscle-burning tone-up session. Just remember to breathe and tuck.

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Best Sports Bras: New Balance Pace Printed Bra

5. Best for Strength Training: New Balance Pace Printed Bra ($44)

This bra boasts a bold pattern, while also keeping you nice and cool thanks to a breathable back and lightweight material. The compression style and thick bottom band also eliminate bounce, so you can easily blend jumps and kicks into your lifting routine.

Best Sports Bras: Brooks Hot Shot Sports Bra

6. Best for Hiking: Brooks Hot Shot Sports Bra (from $23)

Perfect for long, hot hikes outdoors or climbing stairs inside, this super snuggly and flexible Brooks bra offers next-level comfort and a cute look. The bonded straps, wetness-wicking tech and mesh paneling also mean you’ll remain dry when temps start rising. It’s the bra you’ll be happy to stay in all day.

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Best Sports Bras: UA Threadborne Crossback Heathered

7. Best for Boxing: UA Threadborne Crossback Heathered ($55)

Sport this snug, yet still flattering bra to jab, cross and kick some butt. Featuring four-way stretch and quick-dry material, it’s one of the best sports bras to keep you cool and cozy, especially with its seamless bottom band. Need to stash your credit card to grab a smoothie post-workout? It’s got a side pocket for that, too.

Best Sports Bras: C9 Power Shape Max Front-Close Bra

8. Best for Anything Extra Sweaty: C9 Power Shape Max Front-Close Bra ($18)

A top trend in sports bras this season: zippers up the front for easy removal when you’re slick with sweat. And the best budget-friendly way to get involved is this C9 version. Besides slipping in and out without feeling trapped, you’ll also get moisture-wicking material and adjustable straps for an even better fit. (Keep in mind, we found this runs a bit small.)

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Best Sports Bras: Asics FuzeX Bra

9. Best for Bootcamp: Asics FuzeX Bra ($50)

The highly stretchy material and construction of this medium-impact bra lets you lift, lower and rotate weights with zero restrictions. Mixing sprints into your strength session or taking a bootcamp class featuring plyos and weights? It’ll still keep you comfy when picking up speed, courtesy of the supportive shape and ample coverage. There’s even mesh in the back for better airflow. (Take note: Our testers learned you should wash before wearing to avoid color bleeding.)

Best Sports Bras: Second Skin Quatroflx Racerback Sports Bra

10. Best for Cycling: Second Skin QUATROFLX Racerback Sports Bra ($45)

When you’re leaning forward on your bike, you probably don’t want to put on a show — unless that means quickening the tempo and crushing the beat. Keep everything in place with this high-neckline bra from Second Skin. It’s buttery soft, quick-dry material and tight (but not too tight) fit means you can focus solely on pedaling fast and strong. 

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Best Sports Bras: Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra

11. Best for Dance Cardio: Nike FE/NOM Flyknit Bra ($80)

Nike recently released a whole line of new sports bras, but this one is a stand-out. Featuring their signature Flyknit design, the bra’s limited seams and structured fit offers high support, without the weight. (In fact, it’s 30 percent lighter than their other sports bras.) It’s also nice and stretchy so you can twist and shake in any direction — plus, it looks chic, too.

Best Sports Bras: Sweaty Betty High Intensity Run Bra

12. Best for HIIT: Sweaty Betty High Intensity Run Bra ($65)

You’ll love how silky smooth this bra feels against your skin. Even better, the high neckline lets you drop it down for burpees and pick it up in squat jumps, while keeping it conservative. The fabric also features breathable mesh where you need it most (right down the middle of your chest), as well as padded straps and an adjustable hook-and-eye closure. To top it off, it comes in sizes ranging from 32A to 38F.

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Best Sports Bras: Lululemon Enlite Bra

13. Best for Running: Lululemon Enlite Bra ($98)

When you’re chasing miles, the last thing that should hold you back is too much movement in your upper half…or too little. Enter this Lululemon bra, designed to soften the bounce while allowing you to hit your natural stride. Besides its seamless straps and chafe-free material, the bra also lifts and separates, so you can feel extra confident crossing that finish line (and score some super-flattering race photos).

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