Gym Class Act: The 7 Awesome Training Shoes

You may have found your best sneaker buddy for running, but what you sport on the road won’t cut it for other workout classes. Training shoes offer more stability and durability so you can nail a heavy lift or power through plyometrics — all with ease and added comfort. Whether you prefer CrossFit, kickboxing or HIIT studios, these superior, supportive training shoes will be your new s(w)ole mates. Slip ‘em on and get ready to squash your next strength session.

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7 Great Training Shoes Options for the Gym, Box or Studio

Best Training Shoes: Reebok Nano 7

1. WOD Crusher

Best for: CrossFit
Reebok’s Nano 7 has a reinforced heel that keeps you sturdy through deadlifts and power cleans. The upper also offers more breathability than previous Nanos, while still providing a roomy toe box for even weight distribution and a low-cut design for ankle mobility. What’s more: CrossFitters have already worn this shoe to break 44 Guinness World Records since its January release, including the most wall balls, pistol squats, handstand push-ups and more in one minute. So we have a feeling you’ll score some PRs in these kicks. ($130,

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Best Training Shoes: UA Charged Push

2. Fully Charged

Best for: Studio classes
If you prefer a snug shoe while strength training or conditioning, meet your match: the UA Charged Push. Its upper construction hugs your foot to provide quality support during weighted lunges, side shuffles and everything in between. (The burrito-like design feels especially stable during lateral movements.) In addition to its refined structure, this pair is lightweight and comes in cool, ombré colors. ($95,

Best Training Sheos: Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit

3. On the Fly

Best for: Circuit workouts
To crush workouts that combine anything from weights and suspension trainers to rowing and sprints, you’ll want to lace up the Nike Metcon DSX Flyknit. These shoes have a steady platform and secure heel that’s ideal for exercises like weighted squats, as well as a sticky, rubbery forefoot so you won’t lose your footing during explosive movements like speed skaters. Better yet, the Flyknit material and flexible bottom allow you to hit top speeds on the run. ($160,

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Best Training Shoes: Asics Conviction X

4. Into High Gear

Best for: HIIT
Catching some air during your HIIT workout? The Asics Conviction X sneakers absorb the shock of each plyometric exercise thanks to a highly durable outsole, especially in the heel. The stiff, synthetic leather structure also helps keep you in place while lifting or performing quick bodyweight moves. But don’t worry, they still have enough flexibility to let you propel off your toes when you’re leaping to new heights. ($120,

Best Training Shoes: Ryka Vestige RZX

5. Spring Ahead

Best for: Kickboxing
Cloud-like softness, stellar arch support and a springy, durable sole — that’s what you’ll get from the Ryka Vestige RZX training shoe. Designed specifically for women, Ryka shoes cradle and cushion feet in all the right spots while leaving room for swift movements like jumps, kicks and turns. (Think more cushioning in the heel; more flexibility in the forefoot.) And to put your best foot forward, these have an antimicrobial footbed for keeping germs at bay when things heat up. ($75,

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Best Training Shoes: New Balance 811 v2 Trainer

6. Take Your Turn

Best for: Cardio sculpting
When you’re sweating through a series of cardio intervals and light weight lifting, the New Balance 811 v2 Trainer will have your back (and feet). Firm yet responsive, they offer a steady platform during strength exercises. But you’ll still get cushioning and bounce back during burpees, high knees and any other fast-paced drills. The bonded upper also lets you move through every plane of motion with ease — and it adds to the shoes design-forward look. ($75,

Best Training Shoes: Puma Fierce Strap Swan

7. Break It Down

Best for: Dance
You’ll be doing circles around everyone in the studio when you wear the Puma Fierce Strap Swan training shoes. Not only do they look super chic, but they also have a high top for ankle support during spins and a cushioned heel for hops and multi-directional moves. Plus, they feature a lightweight, rubber outsole for traction that still lets you slide. In other words, no matter what choreography comes your way, these comfy sneaks will give your steps some swag. ($120,

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