Great Wireless Earbuds to Fit Your Workout Style

Listen up: If music is your go-to workout buddy, you’re going to want a reliable pal. And that requires a top-notch tool that takes your greatest hits on the road or to the gym floor, without annoying wires, uncomfortable headphones or skipping soundtracks. Easily avoid tech-related setbacks with these best-in-class wireless earbuds. Next-level sound quality your main priority? Hoping for a budget-friendly pair that doesn’t slip? These seven top music players check off all the must-have features. Meet your new tech swolemates.

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7 Wireless Earbuds for Every Fitness Fan

Best Wireless Earbuds: Aftershokz Trekz Air

1. Best High-Tech, Barely-There Design: Aftershokz Trekz Air ($150)

Don’t let the open-ear construction fool you. These technologically advanced Aftershokz headphones use bone conduction to deliver music through your cheekbones, meaning your ears are free to hear surrounding noises. Any outdoor biker or runner will love this key feature for staying safe on the streets. Made of mostly titanium, these also feel super lightweight and their wraparound construction allows them to sit firmly in place. Feel free to catch some air and some speed in these — no matter how hard and fast you go, they move with you.

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Best Wireless Earbuds: Bose SoundSport Free

2. Best for Sports Conditioning Sans Wires: Bose SoundSport Free ($250)

This Bose pair is so snug, you’ll hardly realize you’re wearing them — minus the songs streaming in your ear. The zero-wire, lightweight headphones slide directly in your ear and have a sporty, sweat-resistant wing tip so they don’t slip. They also come with a carrying case that’ll charge while you travel. Put them in the case for just 15 minutes and you get 45 extra minutes of music.

Best Wireless Earbuds: Kicker EB400 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds

3. Best for a Customized Fit: Kicker EB400 Waterproof Bluetooth Earbuds ($100)

Not only can you switch out these in-ear tips for a different size, but the over-ear wire also bends to perfectly fit your ear shape. Translation: You experience less sliding all around, even if you jump, twist or jog. You’ll also score top sound quality and a built-in mic so you can make hands-free calls. Plus, with a 100 percent waterproof guarantee, you’ll never have to worry about keeping these Kickers dry as you trek through rain or snow.

Best Wireless Earbuds: Skullcandy Method BT Sport Earbud

4. Best for Staying on a Budget: Skullcandy Method BT Sport Earbud ($60)

An around-the-neck design makes this inexpensive Skullcandy set super comfortable. And the sweat-resistant, Duallock bud construction means they stay in place. You also get a built-in mic, easy one-button song and volume control, and nine hours of listening time. Better yet, if you want to go phone-free, the Bluetooth capabilities will work up to 33 feet from your device.

Best Wireless Earbuds: Beats by Dre BeatsX Wireless Earbuds

5. Best for Superior Sound Quality: Beats by Dre BeatsX Wireless Earbuds ($150)

These Apple-backed earbuds come with several tip options — including removable wingtips for extra security — so you can find the right match. With eight hours of battery life and a quick charge that provides two hours of power on a five-minute charge, you’ll have your pump-up playlist ready to go when you need it. What makes these headphones stand out from the crowd, though, is the rich, clear sound quality that drowns out even the noisiest city streets. Whether you’re aiming to check off miles on the run or have a more peaceful commute, BeatsX will become your best buds.

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Best Wireless Earbuds: Urbanears Hellas Wireless Headphones

6. Best for Tuning into Strength Sessions: Urbanears Hellas Wireless Headphones ($120)

Quiet the noise around you so you can focus on the moves that get you strong. These over-ear Urbanears headphones drown out distractions, while providing crisp sound quality and 14 hours of play. You can also easy toggle between songs via the swipe interface on the right ear. (Keep in mind it’s extra sensitive.) And you don’t have to worry about getting super sweaty while wearing these. The ear and headband pads easily come off so you can toss ‘em in the washer.

Best Wireless Earbuds: Apple Airpods

7. Best for Smart, Wire-Free Song Play: Apple Airpods ($159)

One of the smartest pairs in the pile, these totally wireless headphones instantly turn on when you take them out of the charging case (which allows you to power up on the go for an additional 24 hours). They’ll also start playing music right when you put them in your ears and stop when you take them out. Set each earbud to your most-used setting — like switching songs or cranking up the volume — then all you have to do is double tap the side of the bud to make it happen. You can also choose one to connect to Siri on the tap, and she’ll launch your favorite playlist or call a friend. Talk about a no-fuss set.

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