The 15-Minute Home Workout You Need This Holidays

The 15-Minute Home Workout to Survive the Holidays

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For most, the holiday season means a whole lot of travel, food and to-dos…and little time, space or energy for exercise. But your fitness doesn’t have to take a backseat to a packed seasonal schedule — and this home workout, made up of just five exercises (all from Daily Burn 365), is proof.

The total-body bodyweight routine is low-impact, so you won’t bother others by jumping around. And you don’t need any equipment, either. Plus, you’ll target multiple muscles in each efficient move, working your body from top to bottom along the way. All you need is 15 minutes and a space the size of an exercise mat. Follow along pre- or post-feasting with the fam — or better yet, both.

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The Home Workout You Need This Holiday Season

Perform each combination exercise below in order for 40 seconds each. Rest for 20 seconds between each exercise — or skip the breather and keep going if you have the stamina. Repeat the circuit at least twice for three total rounds.

1. Walk Out to Shoulder Tap

How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart (a). Reach down to touch the ground (try to keep your legs straight) and walk your hands out to a high plank position (b). Tap your left shoulder with your right hand, then your right shoulder with your left hand. Engage your legs, abs and glutes so your hips stay steady (c). Walk your hands back to your feet and stand up (d). Repeat.

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2. Lunge to Front Pull

How to: Start standing with feet a little wider than hip-width apart, toes pointed slightly outward. Bring your arms straight up overhead (a). Lower into a sumo squat as your pull your elbows down and back by your sides (b). Stand back up, bringing arms overhead (c). Next, turn to your right as your bring your arms down to shoulder height and lower into a lunge, both knees bent to 90 degrees (d). Stand back up, bringing arms overhead (e). Repeat the turn and lunge, this time turning to your left side (f). Continue alternating sides with a front pull between each lunge.

3. Shuffle Side Punch

How to: Start standing with feet a little wider than hip-width apart. Hold your fists at your face like a boxer (a). Shuffle your feet, taking two steps to the left (b). Using your hips to help drive the movement, punch your right arm out to the side, palm facing downward. Then quickly bring your fist back to your face (c). Shuffle to the right two steps (d). Then punch your left arm out to the side, palm facing downward and then quickly bring your fist back to your face (e). Repeat.

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4. Squat with Hamstring Curl and High Pull

How to: Start standing with feet hip-width apart. Lower down into a squat, sending your hips back and down and keeping your weight in your heels (a). As you stand back up, bend your right leg behind you, kicking your heel toward your butt for a hamstring curl. Simultaneously pull your elbows back at shoulder height to perform a high pull (b). Repeat the squat (c). Repeat the hamstring curl on your right leg, while also repeating the high pull (d). Continue alternating hamstring curls, with a squat in between.

5. Boat to Side Plank

How to: Start sitting on a mat. Lean back about 45 degrees and bring your knees up into a tabletop position, arms straight out by your legs. You should be in boat pose with knees bent (a). Roll onto your left side to hit a side plank, legs out straight, elbow under your shoulder and creating a straight line from shoulders to hips to ankles (b). Roll back onto your butt to hit boat pose again (c). Then roll onto your right side to hit a side plank (d). Repeat, performing boat pose between each side plank.

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