7 Killer Workout Playlists to Get You Through Any Workout

7 Killer Workout Playlists
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There are countless music streaming sites around these days, all with their own sweet perks (some are free, at least for a bit). Others have drawbacks (sorry, still no Taylor Swift on Spotify). But if you’re overwhelmed on which one is best for your workout, don’t sweat it. DailyBurn did the sweating for you and found seven incredible playlists to keep you pumped up and focused from that first dynamic stretch all the way to Savansana.

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7 Amazing Workout Playlists

1. Songza’s “All-Time Pumped-Up Hits”
Best for: Weight-room junkies who need an extra push.
Got a lifting session soon? This playlist, will get you, well, pumped up to, well, pump iron. Expect to hear everything from 80s classics (Gotta have The Eurythmics, right?) to current superstars like Rihanna and Beyonce. Bonus: The songs all boast catchy, high-energy beats, perfect for masking the huffing, puffing and grunting that’s sure to ensue with each deadlift or bench press. (Free; iOS, Android)

Best Workout Playlists Amazon Prime Music
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2. Amazon Prime Music’s “Going the Distance”
Best for: Cardio champs with a long run ahead.
The peace, quiet and thoughts in your head may get you through the first few miles of your long run (it’s race season!), but after a few more, you’re going to need some pump-up jams to keep you motivated. Enter Amazon Prime Music’s “Going the Distance” mix, which was created specifically for marathon runners putting in hours (and hours) of training work. Expect to hear tunes like “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” by Daft Punk, “Stronger” by Kelly Clarkson, and of course, battle cries like “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor. And just like that, your last mile became your fastest. (Free; iOS, Android) 

3. SoulCycle’s Spotify
Best for: The spinning-obsessed who can’t make it to every studio class.
Obvious choice, right? The boutique indoor cycling studio is known for a lot of things: crazy choreography, pricey classes, luxe studios and absolutely killer playlists. And SoulCycle works to constantly update its Spotify channel with the instructors’ favorite of-the-moment music. In fact, just about every song is remixed into a beat you can totally sweat to. It’s almost like all the over-played music you’re tired of hearing on the radio is fresh again when you’re back in the saddle (with spot-on form, naturally). (Free; iOS, Android)

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Best Workout Playlists Cardio Dance Pandora
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4. Pandora’s “Club Dance Radio”
Best for: Dance cardio converts who want to keep shakin’ well beyond class.
Ever wanted that perfect playlist for making household chores seem a lot more fun? After your next cardio dance or Zumba class, pump up the “Club Dance Radio” station on Pandora and get ready to drop that booty, shimmy, shake and sweat all night long as you take care of business. Things like doing the dishes just got a lot sweatier — and that’s a good thing. (Free; iOS, Android)

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5. FIT Radio’s “Phys Ed”
Best for: Fit families looking to get the whole crew moving.
FIT Radio is designed using BPMs (beats per minute, a measure of intensity) to create playlists for exercisers of different levels, then all of which are carefully crafted to seamlessly flow together by a pro DJ. We especially love the “Phys Ed” station, which keeps the lyrics from your tunes totally PG-13 — ideal if you’re planning a stroller run or a basement boot camp where the kids will be within earshot. You’ll be working out to awesome-but-edited versions of everything from Nicki Minaj to Taylor Swift. (Free; iOS, Android)

6. RockMyRun
Best for: All-level runners who want to cross the finish line feeling energized. 
With around 50 well-curated playlists specifically catered to runners, RockMyRun is a must-have for those who are training, racing or hitting the pavement for their first tempo run. Plus, the app’s so easy to synch with your favorite running apps (think: MapMyRun, Nike+, or Runtastic), hit play and be good to go for about four hours — each song’s BPM will adjust to your own speed thanks to the app’s built-in accelerometer. And since the music streams continuously, you don’t have to worry about losing your momentum during those annoying commercials. (Free; iOS, Android)

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Best Workout Playlists Slacker Radio Yoga
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7. Slacker Radio’s “Hotel Poolside”
Best for: Everyday yogis winding down with an at-home practice.
Yeah, Slacker gets that specific with its playlist choices. This week, try pretending you’re not exhausted after a long day as you bust out downward-facing dogs on a (slightly dusty?) mat in your cluttered living room. (Which, by the way, you’ll totally clean up later, once you’re sufficiently Zen’ed.) When you cue this stream up for your next evening practice, you’ll feel more like you’re on the beach in Turks and Caicos than on the floor in your house. The umbrella drinks afterwards are optional, but recommended. (Free; iOS, Android)

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