How Bad Is Your Happy Hour? The Alcohol Calculator You Should Try

How Bad Is Your Happy Hour? Try This Alcohol Calculator
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We all love a good happy hour, but it can be tough to tell how those cocktails are really affecting your body — aside from getting you tipsy. Now, a new alcohol calculator built by the folks at can help you see the real effects of tossing back a few drinks. (We swear it’s more interesting than it is a buzz kill!)

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The Alcohol Calculator You’ve Been Waiting For

Simply input your height, weight and gender, plus the amount you typically drink (and yes, be honest). Before you can even say “whiskey and coke,” you’ll be presented with stats and charts detailing the number of calories you’re consuming, your blood alcohol concentration (BAC) over the course of the night and how much exercise you’ll need to do to burn all those liquid cals off.

We crunched the numbers for a variety of drinks, based on the height and weight of the average woman (5’3”, 166 pounds) and man (5’8”, 195 pounds) in the U.S. Guys, if you consume four beers over the course of two hours, you’ll be be downing about 556 calories. (Plus, you’ll likely exceed a BAC of .08, so no driving allowed). The next day, you’ll need to run more than four miles, or do about more than two hours of yoga to burn it all off.

How Bad Is Your Happy Hour? Try This Alcohol Calculator

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And ladies, if you drink three martinis in one night, not only will you probably be hungover the next day (ouch), but you’ll also be imbibing a whopping 885 calories. That’s going to take 10 miles of walking to undo (not counting the effects it can have on your body — like stressing out your liver over time, and irritating your esophagus and stomach, according to the team behind

The Alcohol Calculator

Now it’s your turn to put your numbers to the test. Plug in your typical happy hour or boozy brunch favorites to see where you stand — it might make you rethink some of your go-to drinks. (Or at least motivate you to hit the gym extra hard the next day.) Luckily, we’ve got a list of 150-calorie cocktails you’ll love, if you decide it’s time to cut back — at least on the calories.

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