8 Cool New Fitness Finds From Kickstarter

8 Cool New Fitness Finds From Kickstarter
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Whether you’re looking to start stocking up on fitness gear or are just adding to your collection, Kickstarter is a hotbed of innovative products you’d never find browsing through any old e-commerce site. Fund one that’s live or find one that’s now available — you’ll work out harder, eat smarter, feel better and stay on track. Here’s a look at eight we’re loving right now.

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Kickstarter Hidrate Me
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Drink More Water

The coolest water bottle has been found — HidrateMe is straight-up brilliant. Connected to your phone via Bluetooth and paired with a corresponding app, the bottle measures exactly how much H2O you’ve taken in each day. Bonus: It’ll physically light up to remind you when you need to sip. And since it syncs with a ton of fitness apps and trackers, HidrateMe will up your daily intake requirements whenever you work out. Hydration, conquered. Funding ends: July 12

kickstarter kokoon headphones
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Get in Your 8 Hours (Fine, 7) Every Night

Forget tossing and turning: After tucking in with a pair of these headphones, you’ll sleep more soundly. The Kookon headphones are built with a patented gel technology to help regulate your body temperature while also tracking your shut-eye with its EEG sensors. And because they’re smart, the sounds that the headphones emit are reactive to your current sleep state. Don’t worry, though, the Kookons will recognize the sound of your a.m. alarm, too. And for a flight? Just. Perfect. Shop Now

kickstarter fit holster
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Stash Your Smartphone (and Other Essentials)

FitHolster is like a running belt for gym rats, keeping everything you want with you, from your tunes to your headphones. By hooking onto your pocket or waistband, it stays by your side while also protecting your stuff from anything in the weight room—think swinging kettlebells or grunting heavy lifters. Shop Now

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kickstarter titan mixer bottle
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Get Your Daily Fuel-6 Fix

We’ll be the first to admit it: Even the best protein powders can (and do!) get really messy. Same goes for any powdered supplement. But with the Titan Mixer Bottle, you can whip up your post-workout recovery shake anywhere, anytime: It’s got an internal blender and a spill-proof design. Plus, it’s got a nifty extra compartment on its underside to store an additional serving of Fuel-6 for later. Shop Now

kickstarter fly pedals
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Use Your Mountain Bike in the City

Nothing beats the smooth-as-silk ride you get when you clip into a bike with real-deal cycling shoes. But when you’re not out for sport, these add-ons, which conveniently clip to your bike’s pedals, allow you to make your ride street-shoe friendly — flip-flops included. Thanks to customizable foot straps, Fly Pedals keep you riding in comfort despite the change in wardrobe. Funding ends: July 31

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kickstarter corpao fitness capris
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Find the Perfect Workout Leggings

Ever tried the Brazilian practice of capoeira? Then you know that it requires a quite a bit of movement — from acrobatics to strength training moves — with no time to adjust ill-fitting pants in between. So one personal trainer decided to create the Corpao Fitness capris, which cost an affordable $49 a pop. But these leggings aren’t just for expert martial artists: Whether you’re doing Pilates or a HIIT workout, it’s important for yours to stay put, too. Funding ends: July 15

kickstarter swim ears
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Want to: Ace Your Open-Water Swim

Training for your first — or fourteenth — triathlon? Then you’re going to want earplugs to keep water out. According to a recent study, nearly one in every 100 to 250 people are affected by swimmer’s ear each year. But you can reduce the risk of infection and swimmer’s ear — especially in open waters — by sporting a pair. Bonus: Unlike other earplugs, Swimears allow you to hear, which will help with orientation (a common complaint among swimmers) and, ideally, any in-water collisions. Funding ends: July 15

kickstarter sivil workout shirts
Photo: Kickstarter.com

If You Need to: Stay Dry During Workouts

Getting sweaty during a workout is a great thing, but getting totally soaked? Not so much. Enter the best workout shirt ever, which promises to stay cooler, longer. With a unique fiber composition, the Sivil shirts (available for men and women) use your own moisture as the catalyst to let the patented CoolCore technology kick in. Best of all, you never need to worry about throwing it in the wash — your shirt will stay as fresh as the first day when you received in the mail through many cycles. Funding ends: July 22

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