From Surfing to Tennis: Awesome Adult Summer Camps

Remember what a blast summer camp used to be when you were a kid? Running around the campgrounds, swimming across the lake — it was all so fun you didn’t even realize it was exercise.

Well, there’s good news for those of us who miss those summertime getaways. A new crop of adult summer camps are packing in all that nostalgia — with a big side of exercise. While yoga retreats might have you covered for rest and relaxation, these athletic camps put a premium on sport-specific training — from golf to surfing to gymnastics. Whatever your favorite way to get active, we’ve got the experience for you.

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11 Adult Summer Camps Just for You

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If you’re into… Cycling

Head to… AthletiCamps
Location: Folsom, CA
Dates: Camp sessions offered from March through October
Become a better cyclist at one of these five-day camps. Following a pro bike fitting and performance testing, you’ll strengthen your skills on the two-wheeler during scenic rides in the rolling hills of Northern California, then rest at night with an included stay at nearby Lake Natoma Inn. Bonus: The entry fee also gets you a month of coaching post-camp.
Cost: $1,650

Dave Scott Triathlon Experience
Photo courtesy of Dave Scott Triathlon Experience

If you’re intro… Triathlons

Head to… the Dave Scott Triathlon Experience
Location: Kona, HI
Dates: Sessions in July and August
What better place to hone your swim, bike and run skills than in Kona, the home of the Ironman World Championship? Train here over five days with Dave Scott, a six-time Ironman champ, as he leads workouts in each of the triathlon’s three legs, plus nutrition, stretching and strength sessions. Recover in your luxe digs at the Four Seasons Resort Hualâlai — maybe with a little extra pampering at the resort’s spa.
Cost: $3,800

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REI Adventures
Photo courtesy of REI Adventures

If you’re into… Kayaking

Head to… REI Adventures
Location: Varies; sessions in locations including Alaska, Costa Rica and the San Juan Islands
Dates: Sessions held year-round
Go on a paddling adventure with one of these active trips organized by a company that knows the great outdoors well. REI Adventures offer trips of varying skill levels in locations around the U.S. and worldwide, so you can enjoy kayaking on any kind of water depending on your experience. When you’re not paddling, you can take part in other active extras, like snorkeling, SUP and hiking.
Cost: from $699

Mammoth Running Escape
Photo courtesy of Mammoth Running Escape

If you’re into… Running

Head to… Mammoth Running Escape
Location: Mammoth, CA
Dates: July 22–24
Mammoth, CA, a beautiful destination not far from Yosemite National Park, is like a mecca for runners. It’s home to the famous Mammoth Track Club and serves as a training ground for Olympians like bronze medalist Deena Kastor. Run alongside her during this three-day camp (and reap the benefit of training at high altitude). Also enjoy the included meals, snacks and sessions to promote mind and body wellness.
Cost: $999

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IMG Academy
Photo courtesy of IMG Academy

If you’re into… Cross-Training

Head to… IMG Academy
Location: Bradenton, FL
Dates: Sessions held year-round
Thanks to specialists on staff that help fine-tune your camp experience, this program in the gulf coast of Florida can help you get stronger, more flexible or drop pounds, depending on your fitness goals. You’ll take part in strength workouts, mental and nutrition sessions, and recovery sessions, too. We’re partial to the complimentary massage to help loosen up those hardworking muscles.
Cost: from $269

Endless Summer Surf Camp
Photo courtesy of Endless Summer Surf Camp

If you’re into… Surfing

Head to… Endless Summer Surf Camp
Location: San Clemente, CA
Dates: Sessions from May through September
These week-long camps held in SoCal’s San Onofre State Park (halfway between San Diego and Los Angeles) teach you all you need to start hanging ten. In fact, they’re geared toward newbies, so you don’t have to feel nervous paddling out for the first time. Not your first rodeo? These instructors have experience working with all levels of surfers, from age 19 to 70-plus, so there’s something for everyone. Learn basics like wave selection and how to stand on the board, then fine-tune your skills. Lodging and meals are included.
Cost: from $495

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Arnold Palmer Golf Academy
Photo courtesy of Arnold Palmer Golf Academy

If you’re into… Golf

Head to… Arnold Palmer Golf Academy
Location: Orlando, FL
Dates: Sessions held year-round
Started by one of golf’s legends, this camp allows athletes to spend four hours a day with an instructor. Master fundamentals of the game, like proper grip and a perfect swing, and learn about course strategy. You can choose a package from one to five days and take advantage of amenities at the Bay Hill Club and Lodge, like a swimming pool and spa, when you’re not on the greens.
Cost: from $259

Adult Gymnastics Training Camp
Photo courtesy of Adult Gymnastics Training Camp

If you’re into… Gymnastics

Head to… Adult Gymnastics Training Camp
Location: Portsmouth, NH
Dates: Sessions held in January and August
Inspired by the Olympics? Make like Simone Biles and hit the balance beam during this three-day camp. You’ll spend your time tumbling, flipping, jumping on the trampoline, and working on your flexibility. Whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced, these coaches are prepped to help guide your inner gymnast.
Cost: $225

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Dorothy Hamill Skating Fantasy Camp
Photo courtesy of Dorothy Hamill Skating Fantasy Camp

If you’re into… Ice Skating

Head to… the Dorothy Hamill Skating Fantasy Camp
Location: Scottsdale, AZ
Dates: October 16–21
You heard it here first: Those Cutting Edge dreams can come true. And you can thank Olympic figure skating legend Dorothy Hamill for that. Hamill hosts this five-day camp in Scottsdale, AZ each fall, and this October marks its eighth anniversary. Expect plenty of ice time, plus off-ice conditioning and information sessions. You’ll finish the week with an on-ice camp performance before packing up your blades to go.
Cost: from $4,500

Tennis and Wine Camps
Photo courtesy of Tennis and Wine Camps

If you’re into… Tennis (and Wine)

Head to… Tennis and Wine Camps
Location: Walla Walla, WA
Dates: Sessions from June through October
Yes, you read that correctly: tennis plus wine. Packed into three-day sessions, this camp combines your two favorite pastimes set in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Each day, take part in matches and drills (expect more than 12 hours of on-court instruction), plus extras such as yoga and massages. At night, enjoy a five-course dinner paired with some of the best wines in the region.
Cost: from $825 

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Circus Smirkus
Photo courtesy of Circus Smirkus

If you’re into… Acrobatics

Head to… Circus Smirkus
Location: Greensboro, VT
Dates: August 22–24
Ever think that Cirque du Soleil would be a cool way to work out? This camp in Vermont is for you. After morning yoga to warm up, you’ll go through sessions to learn circus skills like acrobatics, juggling and aerial arts. New sessions include more fun ways to work up a sweat (think hula hooping and unicycling!). And you can explore the great outdoors nearby on bike rides and hikes in your spare time.
Cost: $2,850

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