10 Easy Ways to Burn 500 Calories This Winter

An afternoon of skiing and a night filled with dancing sounds like the perfect way to spend a cold day, right? But is it enough to burn off those heavy winter cocktails and decadent desserts? Chances are you’re indulging with the best of them this season — and we encourage plenty of R&R. Just be sure you’re not neglecting all your healthy habits in the name of holiday cheer.

Fitness doesn’t need to be a chore — in fact, winter is the perfect time to dust off the old skates, snowboards, skis and swim caps. So how much exercise is needed to burn off 500 calories (yes, those last two cookies did count!)? A 40-minute spin class or an hour on the rower might do just the trick. While the infographic below shows just 10 ways to blast calories fast, there are countless ways to break a sweat solo — or with the entire fam. Not sure where you stand? Read on to find out if you’ll need to pencil in a few more activities this week. Getting a jumpstart on your 2015 resolutions…priceless.

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10 (Semi) Easy Ways to Burn 500 Calories

10 Ways to Burn 500 Calories

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A Note on Nutrition

Exercise is a pretty incredible antidote for most things, but as the saying goes: You can’t out-train a bad diet. If you’re looking to really clean up your act, aim to eat as clean as possible (in addition to committing to a fitness routine). With diet and exercise in check, you’re setting yourself up for a year filled with success. And yes, a few well-deserved cheat meals.

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Originally posted on December 23, 2013. Updated December 25, 2014.