Meal Prep Makeover: How to Cut Fruit Like a Pro

Meal Prep Makeover: How to Cut Fruit Like a Pro
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Fruit makes for the perfect post-meal dessert. One with all the sweet goodness you crave, but of course, without the shunned processed sugar and calories of say, a cupcake. Plus, the produce kicks up the flavor of salads, makes a plain glass of water much tastier, and helps keep you hydrated when eaten alone. (Did we mention it’s ripe for major Instagram fodder right now, too?)

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The only catch? Getting the recommend two cups of fresh fruit a day — complete with fiber, vitamin C, vitamin B and potassium — will require you to change up your sources often. So if you haven’t branched out from your typical crispy apple or hearty banana in a while, it’s time to try something new. But how exactly does one cut a pomegranate, you ask? And what about a dragonfruit? Lucky for you, we have all the tricks on how to cut those tricky fruits in the infographic below. Learn how to slice ‘em up in just a few easy steps. You’ll also find a little extra insight on meal prep hacks that make dicing a cinch.

So next time you head to your supermarket, don’t be afraid to snag a whole pineapple or even a fresh coconut. (They’re so much cheaper compared to the pre-cut packages, too.) After reading this, you’ll be a meal prep pro — with nature’s prettiest candy ready to go.

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7 Easy Ways to Cut Fruit

Meal Prep Makeover: How to Cut Fruit Like a Pro
Infographic courtesy of Pounds to Pocket

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