7 Healthy Fruit Pizza Recipes We’re Obsessed With

7 Healthy Fruit Pizzas We're Obsessed With

Taste the rainbow, no Skittles required. Starting with a sugar cookie crust, fruit pizzas typically have a thick schmear of cream cheese frosting and tons of colorful fruit piled on top. But hold the cheese — these vibrant treats are nothing like your typical takeout ‘za. Creamy, crunchy and juicy, each bite is a texture triple-threat. While the sweet pizzas are not nearly as virtuous as your neighbor’s fruit salad, we scoured the web to find seven lightened-up variations you can feel good about whipping up. Made with everything from oat crusts to Greek yogurt “frosting” — these fruit pizza recipes will not disappoint. Any way you slice it, your pretty pie will be a feast for the eyes — and the tastebuds.

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7 Healthy Fruit Pizza Recipes


1. 3-Ingredient Crust Fruit Pizza
No need to add sugar to this tempting pie. Honey and ripe bananas provide just the right amount of sweetness to the crust. For a smooth frosting, make sure you wait for the Cool Whip to reach room temperature before mixing with other ingredients. Photo and recipe: Jen and Emily / Layers of Happiness

Healthy No-Bake Fruit Pizza Recipe

2. No-Bake Chocolate Fruit Pizza
Chocolate can be surprisingly healthy. Case in point: this inventive recipe that has fiber-rich almonds and dates in the crust. Adding orange juice and zest to your frosting will add an extra zip that will make your creation next-level delicious. Photo and recipe: Amy / Super Healthy Kids

Paleo Breakfast Fruit Pizza Recipe

3. Granola Crust Fruit Pizza
Following a Paleo diet? Try out this raw and vegan treat that has a granola, dried fruit and coconut oil crust. Top it with grapes and pomegranate seeds, which are a good source of heart-healthy antioxidants. Photo and recipe: Rachel / Grok Grub 

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Healthy Brownie Fruit Pizza Recipe

4. Brownie Fruit Pizza
Your chocoholic friends will never notice that this moist, dense brownie has a smidge less fat than normal, thanks to reduced fat sour cream and just one egg. Greek yogurt and low-fat cream cheese keep things on the lighter side for the frosting, but a piece of this pie is going to be decadent so savor a smaller slice. Photo and recipe: Meggan / Culinary Hill

Greek Yogurt Fruit Pizza Recipe

5. Greek Yogurt Fruit Tart
This stunning pie is so healthy you could eat it for breakfast! A simple cashew and date crust holds Greek yogurt and your choice of fruits. Soaking your dates in water will soften them, so don’t forget to prepare them 10 minutes before you begin baking. Photo and recipe: Sally / Sally’s Baking Addiction

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No Bake Fruit Pizza Recipe

6. Vegan Strawberry Kiwi Fruit Pizzas
Each slice of this gluten-free ‘za clocks in under 200 calories. And thanks to oats and pecans in the crust, it also has four grams of fiber and three grams of protein. A drizzle of cacao sauce before serving adds the perfect finishing touch. Photo and recipe: Cristina / Begin Within Nutrition

Oat Crust Fruit Pizza Recipe

7. Oat Crust Fruit Pizza
Ground walnuts and oatmeal give this cookie crust a nutritional boost in the form of fiber and omega-3s. Spread on a mix of Cool Whip and instant pudding for a pie that has flavor without the guilt. Photo and recipe: Carrian / Oh Sweet Basil