10 Health and Fitness Gadgets You’ll Want From CES 2016

Every year the entire tech world unites for the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, where reportedly more than 50 football fields’ worth of cutting edge gizmos and gadgets get their marketplace debut. And CES 2016 was truly a fit person’s happy place, with new product launches to help pave your path to wellness. Check out the pieces we want to buy, pre-order or just ogle right now from CES 2016.

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CES 2016: 10 Fit and Health Tech Finds

Fitbit Blaze CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of FitbitFitbit

1. The Gadget: The Fitbit Blaze
Why You’ll Love It: This latest model from the king of trackers is a fit take on the classic smart watch, alerting you to calls and texts on its color screen. Naturally, the Blaze also offers all of Fitbit’s other data-sensing features, including the souped-up versions with heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking. Also available on the color touchscreen are on-screen workout ideas and music control — when you really need to boost those BPMs. At just under $200, it’s a steal compared to other smart watches.
When You Can Get it: March 2016; fitbit.com

Under Armour Health Box CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of Under Armour

2. The Gadget: Under Armour HealthBox
Why You’ll Love It: If you’re a fan of UA’s sleek, sporty gear (or its badass spokeswomen like Misty Copeland), you’ll love the brand’s first big foray into the tech market with its three-pronged system dubbed the HealthBox. The set features Under Armour’s first wearable tracker, the UA Band, which displays workout duration, steps and intensity — no touch required. You’ll also get a chest-strap heart rate monitor to gather additional activity data as well as a smart scale, which can register up to eight different users. All three pieces of hardware use Bluetooth to sync to the UA Record app, where you can look at all of your calibrated stats in one place. The bundle will sell for $400, but you can buy them separately, too.
When You Can Get It: February 15, 2016; underarmour.com

Gym Watch Sensor CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of GymWatch

3. The Gadget: Gymwatch Sensor
Why You’ll Love It: If you’re a stickler about form, this German device, which is just now available in the U.S., will help you really stick to it. Worn while using free weights, machines or when performing bodyweight exercises, this wearable is designed to detect incorrect execution of a move. You’ll get instant audio feedback through the companion app, helping you adjusting your posture, grip and pace accordingly. One device will cost you $99, less than a pricey personal training session.
When You Can Get It: Available now; store.gymwatch.com

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Samsung Family Hub Fridge CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of Samsung

4. The Gadget: Samsung Family Hub Fridge
Why You’ll Love It: Love produce? (Well, duh.) Invest in this fridge — it will keep track of how long that kale’s been in there, so you can make sure you’re eating your greens before they wilt. And if you and your family’s wrists are already stacked with one of Samsung’s wearables such as the Gear Fit, they’re all in sync with the fridge, too. So imagine this kind of magic happening: You walk in the door from a workout and your fridge will actually know that you exercised, making dietary suggestions with what’s already stocked on your own shelves. Amazing, right? But at $5,000, this is no cheap-o appliance. However, it’ll last you years — and help you make healthier decisions in the process.
When You Can Get It: Spring 2016; major appliance retailers nationwide

Hexoskin Shirt CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of Hexoskin

5. The Gadget: Hexoskin Shirt
Why You’ll Love It: Called the “world’s first biometric smart shirt,” the Hexoskin’s 2016 CES entry’s got a solution for both men and women. Measuring data like heart rate, breathing rate and movement, you can sync up the data with a variety of wellness apps, including MapMyRun and RunKeeeper. If this is your first foray with Hexoskin, you can’t just buy a shirt: You’ll also need the corresponding hardware pack, which includes the battery back and USB cable, too. If you pre-order now, you can still grab a $299 special for the set for either gender, as its market price has yet to be confirmed.
When You Can Get It: Pre-order now for April 2016; hexoskin.com

iFit NordicTrack Escape
Photo via CNET

6. The Gadget: iFit NordicTrack Escape
Why You’ll Love It: Well, there’s no doubt about it: NordicTrack has created the world’s coolest treadmill. While a giant 60-inch 4K OLED TV, turned on its side for maximum runner visibility, transports you to scenic locations far and wide — Google Street View enables you to even go block by block if you’d like. Four motors inside the machine replicate rolling hills or steep declines, gently jostling you from side to side at times, simulating the outdoor terrain of whichever locale you’ve chosen. With such technological precision, this baby definitely won’t come cheap — its current retail estimate is $8,000-$10,000 — but it might just be worth it if you’re often stuck indoors.
When You Can Get It: Late 2016; nordictrack.com

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Kuai Wear Headphones CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of KuaiWear

7. The Gadget: KuaiWear Coaching Headphones
Why You’ll Love It: Think of these wireless headphones as way more than earbuds, because they’re practically a portable personal trainer. The set has a biometric sensor that provides you with real-time, vocal feedback on your performance. The “coach” also helps you adjust your pace and stride based on the newfound information. With the corresponding app and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, they’re also waterproof up to three meters (hello, lap lane) and have a seven-hour battery life. If you preorder until February 1, you can a pair for just $149.
When You Can Get It: February 2016; kuaiwear.com

EmFit QS Sleep Monitor 2016 CES Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of EmFit

8. The Gadget: Emfit QS Sleep Monitor
Why You’ll Love It: The Emfit is a sleep tracker — but one designed with better athletic performance in mind, focusing on quantifying your overnight recovery data. (Think: How well did my muscles repair from yesterday’s WOD?) Rather than slapping it onto your wrist, this non-invasive model is easily tucked under your mattress, from which it wirelessly transmits data to the paired app. It has a heart rate monitor that is so detailed it not only measures your beats per minute, but also your heart-rate variability, a measure of the time between beats. And since fitter people have higher HRVs, generally speaking, you’ll be able to keep an eye on your own fitness levels while you’re getting your own shut-eye. At $275, it’s not a steal, but we like to think of it as a thoughtful investment for the eight most important hours of your day.
When You Can Get It: Available now; emfit.com

LEVL Weight Loss CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo Courtesy of LEVL

9. The Gadget: LEVL
Why You’ll Love It: While the exact science behind what causes weight loss is still debated (and often highly personal), the LEVL is looking to figure out exactly how people lose weight utilizing new technologies. By analyzing the acetone in your breath — like a Breathalyzer minus the booze — the system offers unique information about your metabolism, specifically providing you with a number to indicate your current fat burning state. (The range is from 1 to 6; 4 or higher and you’re humming.) The LEVL has potential to be groundbreaking in the weight loss world, so keep your eyes peeled. But because it’s still in such nascent design stages, there’s currently no price yet.
When You Can Get It: Late 2016; levlnow.com

Mio Pai Tracker CES 2016 Health Tech
Photo via Runner’s World

10. The Gadget: Mio PAI Tracker
Why You’ll Love It: There are all kinds of trackers out there — but have you heard of one before that wants to extend your life? Unlike any other Mio trackers, the PAI addresses your Personal Activity Intelligence score, a purported new measure of wellbeing. Garnered from a variety of tracker stats, focusing in on your heart rate, the PAI score indicates how much you’re really maximizing your lifespan and reducing your chances of lifestyle-related disease, according to Mio’s manufacters. Since the wearable with the PAI app built-in is still in R&D stages, there’s no price yet — but we’re betting on immortality FTW. Because who doesn’t wanna live forever?
When You Can Get It: Mid 2016; mioglobal.com

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