3 Moves to Work Out Like a Firefighter

3 Moves to Work Out Like a Firefighter
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These exercises come to you from Daily Burn 365 trainer Anja Garcia and FDNY firefighters Al Combs, Blaise Major and Jamah Figaro, special guests on today’s show. You can find more no-equipment workouts at DailyBurn.com/365.

Think firefighters are wolfing down donuts whenever there’s not a fire to put out? Think again. Some of our finest public servants are actually incredibly health-conscious. Case in point: The ripped muscles gracing the pages of the FDNY Calendar of Heroes. (Full of fun eye candy, the 2016 calendar raises money for the FDNY Foundation, which promotes fire and life safety in NYC communities.)

But it’s not just about looking good. For firefighters, their job depends on their fitness level. When duty calls, these men and women must put on anywhere from 85 to 135 pounds of gear in 15 seconds flat. Then, they might have to run up and down stairs in a burning building in order to locate and evacuate people trapped inside. Wowza!

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So how do these “calendar guys” stay so fit? “It’s all about consistency,” says Al Combs, a Brooklyn-based firefighter who joined us on the set of Daily Burn 365. Combs and his fellow firefighters perform drills and train strength and cardio when there’s down time between emergency calls. Plus, he stays on track when it comes to food, too. “Sometimes we treat ourselves, but it’s all about self-control at the end of the day,” Combs says, explaining that he uses specific portions to prevent overeating.

Here, Combs and fellow FDNY firefighters Blaise Major and Jama Figaro demonstrate three full-body exercises that can help you get fit for life. You probably don’t sprint through smoke and flames during your day job, but these no-equipment moves will tone your core and lower body while improving your balance and reaction time. Ready to train like a modern-day hero? Follow along with Daily Burn 365 trainer Anja Garcia and the three firefighters in the video below. Perform one round or up to three if you’re feeling en fuego!

3 Moves to Work Out Like a Firefighter 

Want the whole 30-minute workout with these FDNY pros? Click here to get free access to Daily Burn 365.

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