Do This 16-Minute Workout Before 2016

Do This 16-Minute Workout Before 2016
Photo: Daily Burn 365

So maybe you’ve let your workout routine slide over the past week, but why wait until New Year’s to get back on track? Resolutions are overrated — and we’re all for starting each week with a fresh slate and good intentions.

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Research shows that people think about and actually do healthy activities more on Mondays than other days of the week. And working out on Monday could give you the momentum you need to exercise more frequently for the rest of the week, too. (As Daily Burn 365 trainer Anja Garcia says, “Never miss a Monday.”)

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To get a jump on the week, try this quick, effective cardio and strength circuit created by Garcia exclusively for Daily Burn 365. Best of all, you’ll get a full-body workout without needing a single piece of equipment.

Complete this dynamic warm-up, then get moving on the four circuits below. Perform each movement for 45 seconds, then take a 15 second break. Repeat the circuit twice, take a 15 second breather to transition, then start on the next circuit. Your future self will thank you!

16-Minute Cardio Strength Circuit

Do This 16-Minute Workout Before 2016
Photo: Daily Burn 365

Strength Circuit Exercise How-Tos

1. Long Jump Shuffle
Squat down and jump forward. Then, with knees bent, shuffle quickly back to your original position.

2. Side-Step Squat
Crouching in a squat, take two steps to the right. Now take two steps to the left and repeat.

3. Jumping Jack Squat
Perform a regular jumping jack. Then jump your feet out and transition into a squat position, keeping your arms in front of your body in a “prayer” position. Alternate between regular jumping jack and the squat jack.

4. Beast Crawl
Start with your hands and knees on the floor. Lift your knees two inches off the floor. On your hands and feet, take two steps forward (keeping your butt down, back straight) and then two steps back. Repeat.

5. Butt Kick
Jog in place, pumping your arms and focusing on trying to bring your heels to touch your glutes.

6. Pulsing Squat
Squat down and pulse for two beats, then stand up. Focus on squeezing your glutes as you stand.

7. Lunge Tap-Back
Bend your knees so you are in a squat position. Take your right foot and bring it behind you, tapping the floor with your toes. Perform as many as you can, then switch to using the left foot for the second round.

8. Glute Bridge Dip
Sit on the floor and place your hands near your hips with your fingertips pointing towards your feet. Lift your butt three inches off the ground and perform a tricep dip by bending your elbows. At the top of your triceps dip, squeeze your glutes to lift your hips off the ground so your quads are parallel with the floor. Repeat.

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