Hate Sit-Ups? Try the 5-Minute Plank Challenge with David Kirsch

These exercises come to you from Daily Burn 365 guest and celebrity trainer David Kirsch. You can find more no-equipment workouts at DailyBurn.com/365.

David Kirsch’s Ultimate Plank Challenge

At first glance, the humble plank looks pretty unassuming. But make no mistake, this basic exercise can actually challenge you from head to toe. Your back, shoulders, arms and more will be feeling the burn by doing just one move.

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But holding your body in a straight line can get boring fast. Luckily, celebrity trainer and author of Ultimate Family Wellness, David Kirsch showed us how to mix things up on Daily Burn 365. Work your outer thighs, butt and triceps with these fun and effective plank variations. We promise the five minutes will fly by faster than you can say, “I hate crunches!”

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