Kitchen-Themed Workout: Toaster Squats and 6 More Kitchen-Ready Moves

We drop it like a squat on the regular at Daily Burn. But this week, HGTV star and King of Home Makeovers John Colaneri taught us a few new tricks to take our leg day to the next level. That’s right, in between filming episodes of America’s Most Desperate Kitchens, Colaneri is all about bringing fitness into your home.

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So when he stopped in to school us on some epic kitchen-themed exercises, things really got cookin’. Think: rolling on the ground like a rolling pin, flipping like a spatula and pretending to grate cheese with some fast “mountain climber” feet. You’ll work your whole body with these moves. Perform each for 60 seconds or however long it takes for your to feel a little burn. (No setting off smoke alarms, please!)

Want the whole 30-minute workout from today’s show? Head here to get free access to Daily Burn 365. 

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