36 Things That Are Definitely #NotADailyBurnMug

If you’ve ever tuned into Daily Burn 365, you’ve probably felt a pang of jealousy watching show host JD Roberto casually sip his coffee every morning. His mug, emblazoned with the Daily Burn logo, has slowly but surely become the star of the show (sorry, Prince!). But with a limited supply of this pimped out coffee cup for the taking, people had to get creative to get their own piece of the action.

Mug envy began to sweep through the Daily Burn chat rooms — and that’s when we launched the official #notadailyburnmug competition. We asked you to post your pictures to Instagram and Twitter — and a winner would be selected by the end of the week. The prize: None other than a coveted Daily Burn mug. Here’s what you came up with — and we have to say, we’re impressed.

1. But first, allow JD to show off the REAL DEAL.

Okay here’s my entry. #db365 #notnotadailyburnmug @dailyburn

A photo posted by JD Roberto (@jdroberto) on


2. Dumbbell lattes, anyone?


#notadailyburnmug A photo posted by Eric (@ericnm2015) on

3. Sarah’s cuppboards runneth over.


4. This mug from @galactichero took us back to the future.


This is #notadailyburnmug but it may play one on TV, or at least in the drama of my life. #db365 @dailyburn A photo posted by William Fickas (@galactichero) on

 5. Translator, anyone?

Channeling René Magritte for my #notadailyburnmug entry @dailyburn #db365

A photo posted by Kelly McMasters (@kmacisrad) on

6. Dear Santa, send Daily Burn mugs!


7. We need this much coffee in the morning, too.

8. Our new mascot?

9. LTF, mug optional.


10. Hearts, melting.



11. Mug envy for all ages.



12. The burn is DEEP.

13. Maybe you try it first, Avery?

14. Wait, we thought you said PUG!



15. Who needs a mug when you have a cat?



16. Another set of planks? She’s ready to put out the BURN.

17. Will this perkatory last forever?

Here it is #dailyburn365 !! Perkatory is… Drinking coffee out of my #notadailyburnmug A photo posted by @soldierswife510 on

18. The best part of waking up is that sweet, sweet burn in your cup.


#db365 #notadailyburnmug A photo posted by Sarah Fontenot (@sarahfontenot) on


19. Daily Burn mugs never say die.


This one is most definitely #notadailyburnmug #db365 A photo posted by tephieroe (@tephieroe) on



A whole Instagram account devoted to #NotaDailyBurnMug. Who is this genius?

Everybody is so impressed with my foam. #notadailyburnmug A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on

21. And we’ll all float on…

Sometimes you need a break from the daily grind A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on

22. Mug swole. It’s a thing.


#sweatyselfie A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on


23. Muggin’ for the cameras, JD?


Just me and #JDsRedShorts getting a thumbs up for our workout. #notadailyburnmug A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on


24. PUPPY. IN. A. MUG.

25. The mirror image of JD: a mug.

JD telling me how hot I look. #notadailyburnmug A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on

26. Cafe Daily Burn: Now serving lattes, espressos, macchiatos and more!



27. Even the 365 production team wants in on the mug action.



28. Love a post-workout smoothie, would love it in a Daily Burn mug even more, though.

29. Clearly someone has a talent — nice job muggin’!

30. Not sure who this guy is, but we kinda want him to be a Daily Burn mug, too.


Cute…..BUT….#notadailyburnmug A photo posted by Woolie Pig (@wooliepig_studios) on


31. Even Crown doesn’t deserve the Daily Burn mug throne.



 32. Hug a bear, mug a bear.

33. Nursing that #notadailyburnmug like she should.

Wish I had a real mug #notadailyburnmug #db365 #nurse #nurses A photo posted by @marymatoulawebb on

34. Even our own Justin Rubin is getting in on the action.


His cup floweth over with wisdom. So right saint Justin, so right. #notadailyburnmug #db365 A photo posted by @notadailyburnmug on


35. Warning: Contents may cause serious BURN.


36. Now that’s a cup of coffee.


Want in on this action? Try Daily Burn 365 free for 30 days, at DailyBurn.com/365.

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