3-Ingredient Party Snacks That Are Seriously Delicious

3-Ingredient Party Snacks That Are Seriously Delicious

When you’re hosting a holiday fete, the last thing you need is a disastrous-looking kitchen after whipping up a few choice dishes. Think: dirty dishes and sloppy spills, totaling to a major mess and leaving guests hungry (or worse, hangry). But the good news is you can have fancy, delicious finger foods — and no, not chips and salsa — with just a few ingredients. No matter what you’re celebrating (or which team you’re rooting for), we guarantee these delicious party snacks will bring even the most oppositional football fans together. With just three ingredients each, they’re a piece of cake to make — and as easy to eat as a slice of cake.

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9 Delicious 3-Ingredient Party Snacks

Andouille Pigs in a Blanket

1. Andouille Pigs in a Blanket
No party would be complete without this traditional snack. But instead of using regular hot dogs (which have made headlines lately for possible carcinogens), opt for andouille sausage instead, which adds kick and complexity to the dish’s flavor. And the more flavor in a food, the more likely you are to savor it, which in turn makes you less likely to go overboard. Photo and recipe: Stephanie Parker / Plain Chicken

Chicken Wings with Herbs and Honey

2. Chicken Wings with Herbs and Honey
You could offer up traditional Buffalo wings to your guests, or you could surprise them with a two-pound batch of these inventively flavored ones. Deceptively easy, they only take half an hour to make. Which means all the more time to socialize with your family and friends. Photo and recipe: Julia Mueller / The Roasted Root


Kale Chips Recipe

3. Kale Chips 
These chips are hard evidence that you can eat healthy, delicious snacks at a party. The simple mixture of nutrient-rich kale, olive oil with their heart-healthy monounsaturated fats and sea salt turns into a crispy delight that gives regular old potato chips a run for their money. Photo and recipe: Emily Caruso / Food Fanatic

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Parmesan Puffs Recipe

4. Parmesan Puffs
If you’ve got egg whites, Parmesan and olive oil, you’ve got all you need for one of the best (not to mention healthiest) apps we’ve ever tried. According to the USDA, Parmesan is loaded with 43 milligrams of calcium per tablespoon, a tasty way to get closer to the 1,000 milligrams the National Institutes of Health recommend you get each day. Photo and recipe: Amy Hilger / The Happy Tulip

Baked Ham and Cheese Rollups Recipe

5. Baked Ham and Cheese Rollups
This cool-looking finger food is made up of pizza dough, ham and some mozzarella, but we like to think of it as a grown-up sandwich. Swap in whole-wheat dough, turkey ham and part-skim mozzarella to slash several grams of fat and add a solid hit of fiber. Photo and recipe: Georgia Johnson / The Comfort of Cooking

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers Recipe

6. Bacon Wrapped Jalapeño Poppers
You can put these together in a flash, but wrapping anything in bacon makes it seem fancy — and, if nothing else, seriously savory. Not feeling dairy (or are lactose intolerant)? Swap in some tofu cream cheese instead of the classic kind. Lighten it up with some turkey bacon, too, if the dish still feels a bit heavy. Photo and recipe: Nikki Gladd / Seeded at the Table

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Salt and Vinegar Popcorn Recipe

7. Salt and Vinegar Popcorn
Popcorn doesn’t need to be drowned in butter to hit the spot — this movie-theater staple is well worthy of an upgrade. And since it’s a whole grain, it has bulky fiber that will help keep everyone satisfied even if the game’s in overtime (or the party’s still going long after last call). Photo and recipe: Carla Cardello / Chocolate Moosey

Beer Breadsticks

8. Beer Breadsticks
Nothing says party season like a bottle of beer (especially during kick-off), so why stop at drinking them? This simple beer-based recipe can stand on its own, or you can make it Pinterest-worthy by presenting it with your favorite dipping sauces. Better than Olive Garden’s — and fewer calories to boot! Photo and recipe: Izy Hossack / Top With Cinnamon

Baked Goat Cheese

9. Baked Goat Cheese
With a game on or music blaring, it can be hard to get everyone’s attention. Unless there’s a show-stopping snack, of course. Here, goat cheese, marinara sauce and basil combine beautifully, only making it seem like you spent hours prepping. Naturally, they smell pretty heavenly together, too. Bonus points for avoiding the preservative laden (and labor-intensive) 12-layer dip. Photo and recipe: Kristy Bernardo / The Wicked Noodle

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