The Epic Presidents Day Workout History Buffs Will Love

The Epic Presidents Day Workout History Buffs Will Love
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This workout comes to you from Daily Burn 365 trainer Cheri Paige Fogleman. For more new, no-equipment workouts every day, head to

Did you know that Teddy Roosevelt boxed? Or, that George W. Bush ran marathons? It appears that just like us, U.S. presidents often turn to exercise to work up a healthy sweat and maybe even kick stress to the curb. So this year, we decided to dedicate a Presidents Day Workout to the commanders-in-chief who knew how to throw a punch, swing a bat, bowl strikes and more.

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To help you sweat just like a leaders of the free world, Daily Burn 365 trainer Cheri Paige Fogleman has dreamed up two circuits that honor our most athletic presidents to date. But first, spend three minutes jogging in place to wake up your muscles (or try this longer dynamic warm-up), and then hop to it. Your presidential mission: Two circuits, 20 minutes start-to-finish.

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The Epic President’s Day Workout History Buffs Will Love
Photo: Pond5

The Ultimate President’s Day Workout

Circuit I:
Perform each exercise for 44 seconds (one second for each of the 44 presidents!), then rest for 15 seconds between moves. Complete two rounds.

1. Football High Knees (Gerald Ford)
Recruited to play on the NFL Green Bay Packers and Detroit Lions, President Gerald Ford could have been a gridiron star instead of a politician! Perform lateral high knees for five steps to the right, then perform them for five steps to the left. Repeat.

2. BBall Free Throw Squat (Barack Obama)
President Obama’s got game when it comes to basketball. Squat down and pretend to shoot a free throw as you stand up. Feeling good? Jump as you stand up and “shoot.”

3. Fast Feet (George W. Bush)
Did you know the “Dubya” once ran a marathon in less than four hours? Get speedy by sprinting in place.

4. Bowling Front Lunge (Richard Nixon)
Strike! President Richard Nixon loved bowling so much that he installed an alley in the White House. Lunge forward and pretend to bowl a ball with the arm opposite your front foot. Alternate.

5. Baseball Bat Chop (Jimmy Carter)
Navy veteran President Jimmy Carter swung for the fences in high school. Pretend you are holding a bat and lift your arms above your head, then perform a diagonal chop to engage your oblique muscles.

Circuit II:
Perform each exercise for 44 seconds (a second for every president), then rest for 15 seconds between moves. Complete two rounds.

1. Kneeling Swimming Strokes (Ronald Reagan)
President Reagan saved 77 lives when he worked as a lifeguard! Kneel down on the floor, and circle your arms back to front, like you’re swimming freestyle. Alternate sides.

2. Jiu-Jitsu Hips (Teddy Roosevelt)
Training with Japanese jiu-jitsu helped keep President Roosevelt sharp while he served his term. Make like Teddy and lay on the floor with arms extended to the side and your knees just slightly bent. Cross your right leg over the left thigh, digging your right heel into the ground and letting your right hip come off the ground. Now put pressure on your right heel and lift your bottom slightly off the floor, sliding your left leg out from underneath your right and preparing to twist your hips to the other side. Next, repeat on the other side by crossing your left leg over the right.

3. Wrestling Crawl (Abraham Lincoln)
Way over four score and seven years ago, President Lincoln was a talented wrestler. (Yes, it’s true!) Crouch on your hands and knees and crawl forward three steps, then move backward three steps.

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