NCIS’s Shalita Grant: Stealth, Smart and Strong as Hell

She might be pint-sized, but Tony-nominated actress Shalita Grant packs a punch. Best known for her role on CBS’s NCIS: New Orleans, the 27-year-old is no stranger to the gym (deadlift proof here). And her commitment to fitness isn’t just about looking good as NCIS Agent Sonja Percy.

“By doing my own stunts, I’m saying ‘Hey women, I see you. We can do this and we’re just as good,’” she told host JD Roberto before breaking a sweat on Daily Burn 365.

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“In my industry it’s important for women to look a certain way. But I said to myself I’m not going to play that game. I’m going to be strong — I’m not going to be skinny.” And Grant isn’t afraid to go hard to reach her goals. “I lift weights — heavy weights — and I lift my own bodyweight doing pull-ups.” Kicking down doors, taking names — it’s just par for the course.

Watch Grant’s strength, speed and survival skills get put to the test in the #DB365 Obstacle Course challenge above. And for new, live workouts daily, head to

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