DWTS’ Witney Carson Opens Up About Skin Cancer

A dancer’s feet are prized possessions, especially for Witney Carson, who is best known for her breakthrough role in ABC’s Dancing with the Stars. The 22-year-old had just received a call to join the Season 16 DWTS cast when she also got some devastating news about a mole she discovered on her left foot. Her father had been diagnosed with melanoma in the past, so he encouraged her to get regular skin check-ups.

“I had gone to the doctor and she noticed a little mole on my foot. It was a regular size, but it was strawberry colored and that was a little weird. It came back positive for melanoma skin cancer,“ she told host JD Roberto on Daily Burn 365.

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It was a bittersweet moment for Carson — she was finally able to share her passion for dance with millions of viewers, but her melanoma diagnosis was a wake-up call to put her health first. Carson decided to get surgery to remove the mole, which meant she could avoid chemotherapy and being sidelined from the stage.

The surgery had left a scar on Carson’s left foot, which made her self-conscious about being in the limelight at first. But today, she wears it like a badge of courage, and hopes others will be inspired to take care of their skin and protect themselves.

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“Being on the red carpet, at first it was so apparent to me…and disgusting. But now it reminds me of this trial I went through and the triumph after that.”

In honor of Melanoma Awareness Month, learn more about the importance of wearing sunscreen daily, and exactly how much you should be applying.

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