Get Coached! Your 19-Minute Guided Treadmill Workout

Guided Treadmill Workout That's Just 19 Minutes
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You’ve probably read about the power of interval running workouts. They can increase your speed, crush tons of calories and help you burn fat. But it’s tough to know when to speed up and slow down without checking your watch every second — not to mention, taking your runs to the treadmill can get boring with a capital B.

Thankfully, we now have the perfect antidote for those tedious treks: a running coach wherever you go! Daily Burn’s new Audio Workouts feature a trainer to map out your workout, count you up and down, plus give you encouragement and form tips along the way.

And as a Life reader, we’re giving you exclusive access to one of our favorites: Get Jogging with coach Rachel Mariotti. All you have to do is pop in your earbuds and put one foot in front of the other.

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Guided Treadmill Workout That's Just 19 Minutes

The Daily Burn Interval Treadmill Workout Anyone Can Do

In smart training form, you’ll kick off this workout with a mobility warm-up, featuring basic squats and lunges. Then you’ll ease into the cardio section with a walk and light jog. After priming your muscles, you’ll kick off the intervals, in which you pick up speed and work through three sets of 60-, 45- and 30-second sprints. The rest times change throughout the workout, and the goal is to pick up your pace with each work round.

This type of interval training works well “for creating heart rate variability, meaning you push more blood through your arteries and veins during those higher-speed bursts,” Mariotti says. “Pairing work intervals with recovery breaks creates the variability that offers a short- and long-term improvement on metabolism.”

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Keep in mind, “intervals” doesn’t necessarily mean advanced. While Mariotti will offer goal speeds, you can feel free to go slower or faster, depending on your skill level. The idea is to listen in, push yourself and feel proud by the time you reach the cool-down.

Ready to step it up? Press play on the workout below, then hit the ground (er, treadmill) running.

For more audio workouts (which you can download right to your phone!), head to Start your free trial today!

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