Mini Burn: 5-Minute Arm Workout

Give your biceps, triceps and shoulders the workout they’ve been waiting for with this five-minute arm challenge that’ll leave you feeling spent. But wait — before you reach for those weights, we’ve got news: This workout from Daily Burn 365 trainer Anja Garcia is totally equipment-free! You’ll use your own bodyweight to go through a series of five moves, repeated for 50 seconds, with 10 seconds of rest in between. Need a break? Shake out your arms or rest in child’s pose until you’re ready to push through. By the end of this mini-workout, we guarantee you’ll be flexing in front of the mirror with pride.

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Mini Burn Arm Workout: How-Tos

1. Hand-Release Push-Up
How to: Start in a full plank position, then lower your body down onto the ground, keeping your core tight and your spine long and flat. “Don’t snake your torso,” Garcia says. Once you’re on the ground, squeeze your shoulders and triceps to lift your hands a few inches off the ground. Press your hands back into the floor, then push back up to plank, keeping your torso straight. Need a modification? Put your knees on the floor as you lower and lift your body.

2. Prone T-Fly
How to: Lie flat on the floor, arms out to your sides in a T, thumbs pointing up. Lift your arms up, squeezing as if you’re crushing a cup between your shoulder blades. Keep your eyes focused on the ground, and avoid arching through your back. “This is going to feel different than Cobra or a Superman,” Garcia says. “It’s a small movement but it adds up after a minute.”

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3. Cobra Press
How to: Lie on your stomach, resting on your forearms in Sphinx pose, palms planted on the floor shoulder-distance apart. Keeping palms flat, press up through your triceps to lift your torso until your arms are straight. Lower back down. Be sure to keep your core tight and take your arms wider if needed. “You’re working your triceps without doing a traditional push-up,” Garcia says.

4. Inverted Shoulder Press
How to: Start in downward dog position. Bend your arms to touch the top of your head to the floor, then straighten your arms back into downward dog. If needed, bend your knees to lift your tailbone up further. Repeat.

5. Crab Switch
How to: Start in elevated tabletop position, knees slightly lifted off the floor, hands planted shoulder-width apart. Twist your knees to the left, lifting your left hand and left foot as you rotate your body into crab position (also known as reverse tabletop). Plant your hands and feet on the ground and lift your hips to engage your glutes and quads. Lift your left arm and left leg to twist back into elevated tabletop and repeat on opposite side.

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