Introducing Sweat Sessions

Daily Burn Sweat Sessions

Get ready to break through any fitness plateaus and get stronger than ever with Sweat Sessions! These advanced HIIT workouts are efficient, intense, and effective. Take your goals to the next level with workouts that increase in duration and intensity as you get stronger. With workouts, rest days and optional add-on cardio days, you’ll reach your goals faster than ever. Let’s go!

HIIT is all about giving each workout, each interval, and each rep your max effort, so we suggest giving yourself a recovery or cardio day in between each workout day. For recovery, you can do mobility or stretching and for a cardio day, you can jog at a steady pace or go for an easy walk. Whatever you decide to do, listen to your body and take the program at your own pace.

Follow along with the program on Daily Burn and download your own challenge card below:

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