The Fitstagrammies: 25 Cool Instagram Accounts to Follow

With more fitness brands, bloggers and trainers on Instagram than ever before, inspiration for healthy living is truly at our fingertips. And it’s not just impressive fitness feats that make us want to double tap; some of our favorite accounts are engaging with their followers 24/7, encouraging them to post their own sweaty selfies, favorite sneaks and post-workout shakes. To honor the #IGers that motivate us to pause for gratitude, power through a workout, run harder, jump higher, find zen, and love ourselves as we are, we present 25 of our favorite fitness Instagram accounts (listed in no particular order). It’s the 2014 Fitstagrammies! And if we missed your favorite follows, tell us who they are in the comments below.

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1. @underarmourwomen
Things we find beautiful? Incredible athletes, awesome innovation and the courage to say “I WILL.” Through Under Armour’s #whatsbeautiful and #iwill campaigns, UA offers more than just fitspiration from your smartphone. Their mix of top athletes and real women will inspire you to get moving — because you can.

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2. @robertsturman
No need to hop on a plane to feed your wanderlust; simply follow acclaimed yoga photographer Robert Sturman, who seeks out some of the most renowned yogis in the world as his subjects. “Robert inspires me because he has such a big heart and because he combines his passions — art, nature, yoga, beauty — into all of his pictures,” says DailyBurn yogi Briohny Smyth (also well worth the follow). From half moon pose on a dusky beach to dancer pose on the streets of Italy, Robert’s Instagram compels us to admire and appreciate the artistry in yoga.

3. @teamusa
Want to catch all the action on the #roadtosochi and on the Olympic stage come February? Team USA brings you inches from the action — no visa required! “It’s impossible not to get excited seeing Team USA’s stream of record-setting moments, behind-the-scenes athlete interviews and epic #TBTs,” says DailyBurn’s editorial director Jordan Shakeshaft. Be sure to follow @Olympics, too, for even more great moments from the best athletes around the world.

4. @nike
Sometimes a brand inspires athletes, and sometimes athletes inspire a brand. Let the swoosh insta-motivate you — just do it. “The athlete in me finds fire when I see all the running, jumping, skiing, throwing, fighting and winning!” says DailyBurn trainer Anja Garcia. Instavids and epic action shots showcase Nike’s elite athletes pushing their limits in tennis, soccer, skateboarding and more. How will you #MakeItCount?

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5. @kathrynbudig
“Kathyrn is exactly who she is on Instagram as she is in person: Personable, gracious, kind and fun!” says DailyBurn yoga instructor Briohny Smyth. “She is not only a teacher of yoga for me, but a teacher of life.” Sneak a peek into Kathryn’s personal and professional life through her magnificent yoga poses, travelgrams and adorable doggie pics. Best of all, she keeps it real and shows us it’s not perfect poses all the time, like in the insta-video above!

6. @spartanrace
The Spartan Race’s Instagram is almost as epic as its renowned obstacle course. When stuck inside at home or at the gym, get pumped by the amazing photos of strength, grit and endurance. You might even want to sign up for a race of your own. Trust us, there’s more than enough mud to go around!

7. @lornajaneactive
Workouts, motivational quotes, colorful workout gear — this Australian clothing brand has all your bases covered. “You can’t not want to better yourself after seeing Lorna Jane’s Instagram,” says DailyBurn assistant editor Amy Schlinger. The eye-catching photos show the passion behind the company, motivating us to move our bodies, nourish with wholesome foods, and believe in ourselves.

8. @bexlife
It’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind, and sometimes we need a quick reminder to ditch the stress and focus on the good life. Fitness and yoga instructor Rebekah Borucki or “Bex,” who blogs about living a healthy and fulfilled life over on, inspires us to slow down and “bliss out.” Snaps of yoga poses with her children, healthy foodstagrams, candid selfies and inspirational quotes motivate us to pause for gratitude. “She always reminds me to be kind to myself and chill out when I need it,” says fellow fitblogger Sarah Dussault of

9. @progressive_calisthenics
From handstand push-ups to front levers and press handstands, Kenneth Gallarzo, founder of the World Calisthenics Organization, has no shortage of gravity-defying bodyweight movements on his account. “The gymnast in me completely loves it, and I love how it shows how you can train for strength in unconventional ways,” says DailyBurn trainer Anja Garcia. We may not be ready to bust out some flag moves, but count us in for a round of bodyweight training—  stat!

10. @camille4wildcat
Women can lift heavy and look good doing it! Case in point: Camille Brown, an elite-level athlete, whose tricks include more than just, say, overhead pistol squats while balancing on a kettlebell. From handstands and muscle ups to “sled” sprints dragging an SUV behind her. This wildcat’s stamina and strength inspire us to challenge ourselves!

11. @newbalance
Adventurous sneakerhead? You’re sure to see lots of kicks on the New Balance’s account. Expect to see lots of new, high-performance sneaks, plus snapshots of runners, hikers and athletes in action around the world. Tag your own photos with #seeonmyrun for a chance to be featured on their feed. Time to set a training plan and hit the pavement!

12. @tarastiles
Let this world-famous yogi take you on her journeys around the world. With her candid selfies and fun captions, she seems just like us. That is, until you happen upon a snapshot of a yoga pose like this one, requiring superhuman flexibility and strength.

13. @gabbybernstein
You can’t reach your fitness goals until you reach your happy place. A prolific Instagrammer, this life coach, bestselling author and motivational speaker posts snapshots that emphasize self-love, gratitude, spirituality and a holistic approach to wellness. “I know I can always depend on a healthy mix of affirmations, tips for living a more balanced life and an inside look at how Gabby stays balanced and grounded,” says Theodora Blanchfield, DailyBurn social media manager and founder of

14. @blogilates
From reposting her fans’ photos to sharing her workouts and healthy meal ideas, Cassey Ho goes the extra mile to connect with her IG fan base. Not only is the 25-year-old a Pilates guru and successful entrepreneur, she exemplifies her philosophy of balancing healthy living with an indulgence here and there. Plus, we love when she shows off her silly side, like in the photo above!

15. @NYCrunningmama
Need some extra-early morning motivation? This runblogger will inspire you to get up and at ‘em if you’re scrolling through IG right when you wake. Her snapshots of interval workouts, race bibs and fit family life prove that an active lifestyle is always attainable — no matter how busy we are.

16. @lindseyvonn
Even though this Olympic gold medalist skier is sidelined with injury, preventing her from competing in Sochi, she’s still inspiring 128,000-plus fans on and off the slopes. Keep up with Lindsey’s post-surgery rehab (and the antics of her cute new adopted dog!), as she preps for the great adventures still to come.

17. @karenakatrina
Get a secondhand dose of vitamin D with all the sun-soaked snapshots from the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina. Stars of the new BRAVO series Toned Up, the BFFs and roomies post pics of their workouts, healthy meals, and scenes from the show. Confident, fit and fierce, this dynamic duo radiates fitspiration and then some.

18. @instarunners
Want some motivation to lace up the sneaks? The InstaRunners account brings you the best of user-submitted running photos, including pre-dawn training runs, beach jogs, sidewalk sprints and marathon mania. Get inspired by the shots of runners around the world pushing themselves to run on a variety of terrain, and in all types of weather. If you want in on the action, log some miles and tag your pictures with #instarunners.

19. @crossfit
Whether you love it or love to hate it, there’s no denying the awesomeness that is the CrossFit Instagram feed. From killer WODs to one-armed handstands and other fitness feats, the men, women (and babies!) of CrossFit will inspire you to double tap — for time. Followers can also get amped for behind-the-scenes snaps from the 2014 CrossFit Games, which start in May.

20. @self
Empowering quotes, active women and healthy meals are what Self Magazine’s account is all about. Featuring photos from users who participate in their fitness contests, like the recent #showusyoursneaks campaign, Self engages with fans and energizes their followers to get active and love doing it.

21. @rei
Nature’s calling, and REI is out to celebrate every moment spent outside. The outdoor gear company shares breathtaking photos of action sports athletes doing their thing in the most beautiful places on earth. If we can’t be kayaking in Norway on a Monday, at least we can imagine it with REI’s help! To submit your own shots, tag photos with #REI1440Project.

22. @FleshmanFlyer
Want to know what it’s like to be a pro runner? Take a peek inside Lauren Fleshman’s life via her snaps of snowy jogs, desert runs and family time with her new baby son. “It’s amazing to see someone who runs for a living, but still does it because of pure love for the sport,” says DailyBurn contributing writer Emily Faherty. Plus: “She’s a total riot and I think every runner is obsessed with her.”

23. @gypsetgoddess
Follow this jet-setting yogi as she practices her poses around the globe. Rainforests, beaches, mountains make for gorgeous background as Caitlin Turner shows off her flexibility and strength, as well as new moves she’s in the process of mastering. Her happy, relaxed posts inspire us to find our zen no matter what’s happening around us.

24. @trekbikes
Prefer to sweat it out on wheels? Trek Bicycle keeps the inspiration rolling via Instagram. From photos of pro cyclists, weekend warriors and road races around the world, Trek posts beautiful shots that will inspire you to get out and ride!

25. @freeskiermagazine
Get an adrenaline rush from snapshots of fresh powder and big tricks — no chairlift required. Freeskier Magazine’s snowy photos of beautiful mountains and the best U.S. skiers will tide you over until the next time you can hit the slopes.

And for more love and sweat from us to you, don’t forget to follow @dailyburn and our trainers Anja Garcia, Briohny Smyth, Keaira Lashae, Cody Storey and Justin Rubin

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