Fitstagrammies: The 30 Fitness Pros to Follow on Instagram

30 Best Instagram Accounts to Follow for Fitness_2Sweaty inspiration via smartphone is just a tap away, thanks to the hundreds of thousands of professional athletes and trainers on Instagram, straight flexin’. With fit, active people from all walks of life posting impressive fitness feats to social media, we’re constantly hit with fresh doses of motivation to get bendy on our yoga mats, crush our next Crossfit WOD, try a new bodyweight movement or hit the ground running instead of hitting the snooze button. Insta-pics and vids from the pros can move us to MOVE. And with helpful insights and instruction in the captions, we’ll know how and when to take things up a notch.

So, roll out the red carpet because it’s time for DailyBurn’s annual Fitstagrammies! (For last year’s winners, click here.) To honor the ‘grammers that inspire us to lift heavier, run faster, jump higher and push ourselves past what we thought was possible, we present 30 of our favorite Instagram photos and videos (listed in no particular order). If we missed any of your personal favorites, tag ’em in the comments below.

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Fit Phenoms

1. @curtiswilliams17
Chronic gym-goer? Chances are, you’re not doing it like this. Intensity, agility and sheer athleticism is the name of Curtis Willaims’ game. This former NFL player for the Baltimore Ravens traded the gridiron for the gym in his latest role as a sports performance coach and fitness director for the Under Armour Performance Center. With no shortage of sweaty snaps, his feed will inspire you to go HAM on your next workout.

2. @twobadbodies
From coordinated jump rope routines to thrilling TRX moves and synchronized stair workouts, these BAD (“beautiful athletic duo”) bodies make us want to grab a friend and get moving! Jennifer Forrester and Kaisa Keranen met while competing in track for the University of Washington, and have been fit friends ever since. Through their frequently updated feed, the pair’s creativity and variety of workouts inspire us to have fun with our fitness daily.

3. @progressive_calisthenics
Are you a bodyweight guru looking for an extra challenge? Follow Kenneth Gallarzo, founder of World Calisthenics Organization for gravity-defying moves fit for a daredevil. His snaps show him and his buff buddies doing levers, handstands and jaw-dropping partner calisthenics

4. @lindseyvonn
Four-time world champion downhill skier Lindsey Vonn trades slopes for stability balls on occasion. Steal her moves for a killer core in the vid above, and check out the rest of her Instagram for more champion-worthy gym habits.

5. @kacycatanzaro
Ninjas know how to get fit without fancy machines. Former collegiate gymnast Kacy Catanzaro, the daring darling of the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior, demos a DIY hamstring curl using an office chair! Her cute ‘grams with boyfriend and fellow ANW competitor Brett Stefenson make her seem just like us. Except then we remember she makes crushing the salmon ladder and warped wall look like a piece of cake!

6. @remodelfitnessnyc
Get empowered by healthy movements that feel good. We love that strength coach Jessi Kneeland has a balance of fit and fun moves right alongside her tough-as-nails chin-ups. Count us in for an afternoon of hula-hooping!

7. @elliegoulding
You’ve probably added one or two of pop singer Ellie Goulding’s hit songs to your workout playlists, but did you know this English diva kindles a passion for fitness? Case in point: This ‘gram of her beasting some battle ropes! In fact, Ellie is the face of a new Nike campaign, so expect more fitspiration from her in the future.

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Straight Gains

8. @therock
Muscles and mean mugging — it’s just another day for Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, posing with a pint-sized fan! The pro wrester (plus actor and producer) has a no-holds-barred attitude on his feed that motivates us to be our most badass selves. This ‘gram of his fierce face in the weight room proves he’s one serious BAMF.

9. @nohlsen
Ever been in a handstand tug-of-war… with a dog? Peep elite Crossfit athlete Noah Ohlsen’s unique form of cross training in the instavid above! We guess it’s time to take our K9s to the gym, too! Noah’s feed is chockfull of barbells and brawn to inspire your next WOD.

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10. @themichellewie
Golf claps may be dainty, but there’s nothing feeble about Michelle Wie’s landmine deadlift with a shoulder press. This fearless and fashionable pro golfer puts in work — including standing ball chops, deadlifts and yoga poses — when she’s not hitting the links.

11. @thebenbooker
Think climbing ropes are only for kids on the playground? Then you haven’t met Ben. DailyBurn trainer Ben Booker rocks the rope…mid-push-up (hello, shoulders and shields!). Plus, his snaps of other fitness feats (grip strength training, dynamic push-ups and more) motivate us to get creative with our own crushing workouts.

12. @af85
Olympic gold medalist and two-time silver medalist Allyson Felix makes chains look classy — and reminds us that being a world-class sprinter requires total-body strength as well as super fast feet! We may not be ready to bust out 60 meters in seven seconds, but count us in for a round of weighted push-ups!

13. @laurenfisher
Squats, kettlebell swings, snatches, power cleans, kipping pull-ups — Lauren Fisher’s feed has all your CrossFit and competitive powerlifting bases covered. With her long ponytail whipping around with each movement, this 20-year-old crushes WODs for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Need more Fisher inspiration? Check out her brother, Garrett, also a CrossFit star.

14. @bretcontreras1
Let the Glute Guy demo how to hip thrust. Bret Contreras is renowned in the fitness world for creating bulletproof buns, and his Instagram feed shows him practicing what he preaches. (Hip thrusts at a cool 585 pounds!) Get your butt into gear.

Bodyweight Ballers

15. @keonihudoba
Join Hawaiian-born trainer and creator of the Cyc method Keoni Hudoba in his #partnerlikeaBOSS movement, which challenges you to team up for fit feats. The push-up above is twice as tricky! Or, stability squats, anyone?

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16. @massy.arias
Personal trainer Massiel “Massy” Arias is about to take your leg day up a notch. This one-legged squat will torch your glutes, hammies and quads. We love following Massy’s fitness journey on IG with informative captions in English and Spanish.

17. @upyourfitness
The human flag is a notoriously difficult bodyweight movement, but Staten Island trainer Mike Marchese can practically dance his way into position. Breakdancing, meet bodyweight training! A true athlete willing to push the envelope, Mike is also known to bust out some BOSU ball handstand push-ups, just for funsies.

Fire up those glutes, it’s pistol squat time! Dubai-dwelling calisthenics trainer Megan has a plethora of impressive yoga poses on her IG feed, but we’re especially motivated when she breaks down progressions for tough moves like handstand holds and muscle ups.

19. @shauna_harrison
Fitness and fresh beats coexist on Shauna Harrison’s inspiring insta page. The Under Armour athlete posts #SweatADay videos with detailed instructions and a side of sass. Try the boat tip for a more challenging take on a V-sit.

20. @bretthoebel
You can bet your booty that fitness expert and Biggest Loser trainer Brett Hoebel has got a few go-to glute exercises on his Insta-feed. And when you’re ready to spice things up, check out the 20 Minute Body creator’s signature capoeira-inspired routines that mix yoga, bodyweight training and martial arts. We’re going to have to work towards that floating jump into chaturanga!

Mobility Masters

21. @the_southern_yogi
This super-yogi’s got abs of steel! If you’re training yoga inversions, try Morgan’s challenging core movements during your next headstand. (Look ma, no hands!) We love that her minimalist feed is as pretty as it is informative.

22. @hunterfitness
Level up that pigeon stretch. Trainer Hunter Cook has a unique spin on mobility that includes ninja-like movements in the Insta-vid above. And how can we resist double tapping for his adorable pitbull making a guest appearance in the Cali-based trainer’s squatting snaps!

23. @negharfonooni
Strong women can get bendy, too. Just look to trainer Neghar Fonooni’s #meatheadyogi ‘grams for inspiration to push limits with challenging moves like a jumping crow. She keeps it real with candid posts that show it’s not all about perfect poses every day.

24. @bryceyoga
Turn your life upside down with this plank-to-handstand, and other partner moves. DailyBurn trainer and world-renowned yogi Briohny Smyth dishes out yoga guidance and fun challenges on her IG page. Bonus: You’ll get an intimate view of her family life, too, including shots of acroyoga with her husband, Dice Ida-Klein, and their adorable yogis-in-training.

25. @amandabisk
Hello, healthy hammies! Athletes rarely show us a glimpse of how the recover, but this Australian trainer (and former pro pole vaulter) Amanda Bisk demos self-massage with a foam roller. If a little recovery TLC can help us bend it like Bisk does in her jaw-dropping yoga poses, we’re ready to roll.

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26. @giseleofficial
Anyone who’s seen Gisele’s Under Armour ad knows that she’s more than just a pretty face. The woman can kick some serious butt, and her Instagram reveals she’s a yogi to boot! Let this fit femme take you along for her journeys around the world. (Bonus: Patriots quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady makes frequent appearances!)

Radical Runners

27. @robinnyc
Confident, fearless and fierce, personal trainer, spin instructor and run coach Robin Arzon is one cool chick. We’d definitely be game to log some urban miles with the peppy athlete. Her infectious energy jumps off her ‘grams and we guarantee you’ll want to double tap — and then hit the track, stat!

28. @ultramarathon
Get a dose of adventure from ultramarathoner Dean Karnazes’s epic snaps. This mega-distance runner has completed 50 marathons in 50 states on 50 consecutive days, and he hasn’t stopped there! The photo above commemorates his latest race through the South Pole.

29. @fleshmanflyer
The best part about pro runner Lauren Fleshman’s Instagram is that she’s always keeping it real. From showing followers her goofy “BOSU battles” to the shot of her training journal above, her feed proves she takes both running and laughing very seriously.

30. @joshuaholmes
Run It Fast founder and ultramarathoner Joshua Holmes has run over 126 marathons and 26 races that were over 100 miles. Beaches, mountains, roads and valleys make for a gorgeous backdrop as Joshua pounds out mile after mile. Talk about motivating! We’re ready to put down our phones and get out there ourselves.

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