Our 2-Week Booty Burn Challenge Has Arrived

Daily Burn Booty Burn Challenge

Are you up for the Booty Burn Challenge? Two weeks of glute and lower body focused workouts will have your legs shaking while you build serious strength and power from the ground up. The challenge has workouts in a wide variety of styles from many of your favorite Daily Burn programs, so your body and brain will never be bored. Get ready for our trainers to kick your booty because a strong butt = a strong body!

The Booty Burn Challenge will push your glutes and lower body to new levels of strength. Your glutes are big muscles, so there are no rest days in this challenge. Whether you do the challenge on its own or add it to your current routine, make sure to follow the order of workouts in the challenge schedule. It’s designed to help your muscles recover and rebuild. Check out the full program here.

Click the icons below to download the Instagram story program card and the printable program card.

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