The Color Run: My First 5K

The Color Run
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Have you ever been invited to a party and not known exactly what to wear? You don’t want to show up too casual if it’s dressy and risk being disrespectful, but surely no one likes being in a ball gown and heels while the rest of the party is wiping hot wing sauce on their jeans.

Before we could hop the Brooklyn-bound 2 train last Saturday morning we knew we had missed the memo on what to wear to The Color Run. Silly us, we’d only worn the T-shirts provided! We hadn’t beautified or bedazzled them or ourselves in any way. But hey, it was 7 a.m. — I was thrilled I’d shown up only 10 minutes late to meet fellow DailyBurn writer Alex with my shoes on the right feet!

But early hours be damned, we were so excited to have been invited to participate in The Color Run by our friends at KIND. Through the #KINDAwesome campaign, we were supporting the company’s mission to promote all-around awesomeness, from charity work in local communities to an event like this, where people conquer personal hurdles, myself included. I figured at the very least, as guests of a healthy snack company, the day would be delicious, right?

Delicious and hilarious it turns out; no way we could have envisioned the happy swarms of neon-clad runners all beyond enthused and ready to move!

That’s also one of the best parts about this event (my first foray into organized running since perhaps middle school), most people were there to move and groove rather than compete and beat. There were families walking together, dads pushing strollers, friends helping each other in wheelchairs, women twice my age in gold spandex, as well as some true runners showing off some great form. We were quite literally walking in a rainbow of health and good cheer.

KIND Color RunAt one particular moment a little boy jumped out of his stroller and started to run. Everyone was thrilled, and we all started whopping and cheering him on. Actually right around that time I had been getting a little tired and remember thinking maybe I’d ask Alex if we could slow up a bit. But when you see a kid with legs as long as your forearm running his hardest how can you not chuckle, cheer and charge on?

So we ran and sometimes walked. Racing towards every color station, dancing and twirling our way through — trying to catch as much flying colored corn starch as possible (towards the end we even took to diving in snow-angel-style).

I couldn’t tell you my race time if I tried. And there was no way to know how many calories were burned. What I can tell you is by the time I got home my feet were aching, my body was sore and my grin was goofy as all get out. What a fabulous Saturday morning. I’m so glad to have been there. As first races go, this was top notch.

Though next time I’ll be better sartorially prepared. When it comes to participating in a Color Run it’s go big or go home! Tutus, rainbow wigs, Wicked Witch of the East knee socks… Basically, if you see it in the Dollar Store and it makes you smile you should probably slap it on for The Color Run.

I’m telling you this was the best people watching I’ve had since I accidentally befriended a bachelor party in Bratislava, Slovakia. Those gentlemen of course relied on alcohol for their jubilance. Color Run participants on the other hand assemble under the influence of pure giddiness, frivolity and perhaps a complementary cup of coconut water.

Beyond my advice to go wild with doodads, baubles and temporary tattoos, I say just do one of these runs (even if running is not your thing). We really just had so much fun.

The lingering green tinge to my skin is slowing wearing off, but the high we got from all the excitement and ruckus silliness? I’m keeping that.

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