Our Favorite Healthy Food Trucks Across the U.S.

Our Favorite Healthy Food Trucks in the U.S.

Photo courtesy of Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen

It’s officially the season where eating outside outshines indoor dining by miles. And one fun way to kick sitting inside to the curb: food trucks. Even better, unlike the usual grease-slinging suspects, the food trucks featured here offer quality ingredients made for healthy street-side eating.

From vegetable-centric menus to vegan takes on cheesy comfort foods, there’s no shortage of yummy, good-for-you options. Plus, not only do these portable restaurants bring the “farm to street” concept to life, many also operate with sustainably in mind. (Think: low-impact diesel and biodegradable utensils and flatware.) So check out some of the best food trucks in cities across the U.S., where you’ll find light fare that still livens up your lunch.

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11 Healthy Food Trucks Across the U.S.

Healthy Food Trucks: Happy Belly

Photo courtesy of Happy Belly Curbside Kitchen

1. Happy Belly

Location: Georgia

This Georgia-based vendor believes top-notch ingredients are key to energy and health. Fan favorites include the One for the Kipper salad, essentially a salmon-topped Kale Waldorf, and the Boss Hog, a smoked pulled pork sandwich with raspberry jalapeno BBQ sauce, served on a whole wheat bun.


2. Green Truck

Location: California

This truck is just as popular on the street as it is at music festivals and events around LA. Local farms source all the ingredients so it has an at-home feel. Try the house-made vegan burger (brilliantly dubbed the Mother Trucker Vegan Burger) or the Super-Food Bowl featuring quinoa, hemp seed, goji berries and more fresh toppings.

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Healthy Food Trucks: Good Food Madison

Photo courtesy of Good Food Madison

3. Good Food

Location: Wisconsin

Everyone deserves good food! And Madison-based food truck offers just that, while specializing in low-carb eats. The menu includes salads, lettuce “tacos” and wraps, featuring creative alternatives. Pass the Parmesan crisps (instead of croutons) and spiraled veggie noodles (in place of regular grain pasta).


4. Matzah Brei

Location: New York

Based on its namesake, this New York City food truck offers a new take on a traditional dish — one that’s more indulgent and delicious, but still diet-friendly. They serve a matzah sandwich in a number of different ways — stuffed with different mixes of fresh veggies and cheese — along with sides like carrot salad and tabbouleh.

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5. The Vegan Bandwagon

Location: New York

This Brooklyn-based vendor offers raw and — you guessed it — vegan options. The major showstopper here? Falafel nachos featuring a falafel crumble, vegan nacho cheese and fried jicama sticks. Also popular are the veggie-laden kebabs, which you can order raw or grilled.


6. Clover Food Lab

Location: Massachusetts

With a healthy and constantly changing menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner, people can keep coming back every day to this Boston-based foot truck. They also make their food fresh that morning and serve it fast. Sandwiches such as Chickpea Fritter or BBQ Seitan are the perfect way to refuel before heading back to the office or after a long day.

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7. Native Bowl

Location: Oregon

As the name hints, you’ll get a range of locally-sourced grain and vegetable bowls all served from compostable containers when you visit this vendor. The menu boasts a spice meter since many of the homemade sauces draw their flavor from bold peppers and spices. One option, the Fire Breathing Dragon Sauce, is only for those serious about their heat tolerance.


8. Let’s Be Frank

Location: California

Hot dogs don’t exactly scream healthy, but if you’re in the San Francisco or LA area you’re in luck! This particular Cali counter gets its health cred by mastering responsibly-raised, grass-fed organic hot dogs and sausages.

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9. GMonkey

Location: Connecticut

It may be 100 percent vegan, but that doesn’t mean this truck has limited options. With creative dishes like the Feisty Monkey Peanut Soba Noodles and the Downward Dog Black Bean Burrito, you’ll want to come back day after day to make your way through menu.


10. BBQ Revolution

Location: Texas

Don’t let the name fool you: This truck’s entire menu is vegan. The on-the-go BBQ offers meat substitutes for all the classics, like tempeh ribs and local wheat roast brisket. Next time you’re in Austin, this inventive Southern fare is sure to satisfy.

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11. Seed on the Go

Location: California

Adventurous and picky eaters alike will find something to devour from this eclectic menu. It boasts staples like nachos and parfaits (with a healthy spin of course!), along with more adventurous options like a Bok Choy Slaw paired with pickled mango, dragonfruit and topped with lime-agave dressing.