6 Grain Bowls That Taste As Good As They Look

6 Grain Bowls That Taste As Good As They Look

So maybe we can’t spoon ice cream out of a bowl for every meal. But that doesn’t mean we can’t ditch plates for breakfast, lunch and dinner. By now you’ve probably fallen face first into a burrito bowl, power bowl or quinoa bowl. Health restaurants and fast food joints alike are embracing the bowl mentality. (And get this: The U.S. News and World Report recently named bowls one of the top food trends for 2016.)

Since bowls can be so deep, you might think you’re not eating as much as you are —so be careful with portion size. To keep your nutrition in check, we’ve rounded up six fiber-filled rice bowls and quinoa bowls that are packed with delicious whole grains.

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6 Scrumptious Whole-Grain Bowl Recipes


Savory Breakfast Quinoa Bowl
Photo and Recipe: Renee Blair

1. Savory Breakfast Quinoa Bowl
Want a fuss-free brekky? Make quinoa and boiled eggs ahead of time. Assembling this bowl will take a mere five minutes so you can be energized and out the door, stat.

Persimmon Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
Photo and Recipe: Renee Blair

2. Persimmon-Pomegranate Quinoa Breakfast Bowl
If oatmeal is your usual go-to, try out this creamy, oat-filled goodness. Thanks to coconut milk, it delivers just the right amount of healthy fats. Top with fruit and walnuts for an extra treat!

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Sticky Brown Rice with Egg and Chia
Photo and Recipe: Janie Hoffman / Mamma Chia

3. Sticky Chia Brown Rice Bowl
Level up brown rice with chia seeds and green onions, and a sunny-side up egg. Bonus: This recipe works best when you use leftover rice, so make extra at dinnertime the night before. (Leftover hack!)

Lunch and Dinner

Sesame Tofu Macro Bowl Recipe
Photo and Recipe: Perry Santanchote

4. Macro Bowl with Sesame Tofu
A balanced bowl of veggies and grains comes together in the best way here. White and black sesame seeds add an irresistible crunch to your tofu, so even carnivores are going to crave a second helping.

Magnesium Deficiency Curry Vegetable Grains
Photo and Recipe: Renee Blair

5. Curry Spice Vegetable and Grain Bowl
Under 300 calories but packed with 12 grams of fiber, this light yet filling bowl is a great option for lunch or dinner. Add a bit of chicken if you want some additional protein.

Corn Black Bean and Quinoa Salad
Photo and Recipe: Perry Sanatoche

6. Corn, Black Bean and Quinoa Salad Bowl
The nickname of this dish is “veggie crack” because it’s insanely scrumptious without an ounce of meat. (Think: Healthy Chipotle bowl copycat.) A lime-based dressing ties the all of the ingredients together for a bowl that can’t be beat.

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