4 Cooking Secrets from a Hell’s Kitchen Chef

4 Cooking Secrets from a Hell’s Kitchen Chef
Photo Courtesy of Barret Beyer

Addicted to Cutthroat Kitchen and Hell’s Kitchen? Us, too. Flashing knives, exotic ingredients, fiery tempers… it’s a recipe for success that leaves us motivated to dust off our kitchen gadgets and get to work. Question is: Where to start? If Google is your designated sous-chef, fear not. To give your kitchen skills a reboot, we got the scoop from chef Barret Beyer, a fan favorite from Hell’s Kitchen season 11 and a guest on Daily Burn 365 this week.

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4 Cooking Tips from This Hell’s Kitchen Chef

1. Keep it simple, stupid.
You don’t need to be a Michelin star chef just to get dinner on the table. “Don’t cook anything that’s going to be complicated,” says Beyer. “The home cooks, they want to be the next Gordon Ramsey.” But just because you see it on TV doesn’t mean you need start with the seared filet mignon if you’re a kitchen newbie. Beyer’s advice: Your dish should have four to five ingredients, tops. (Hello, three-ingredient party snacks.)

2. Cut with knives you love.
“A knife is my best friend,” says Beyer. “You want to pick a knife that feels comfortable in your hand.” And once you’ve found a tool that suits you, practice makes perfect. “My knife skills have gotten 150 percent better over the years,” says Beyer. Translation: You’ll be faster at chopping, dicing and mincing. The quicker you can prep ingredients, the less time you’ll need to spend in the kitchen — a win in our book! For ingredient-specific online tutorials, check out the Serious Eats Knife Skills videos.

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3. Season with purpose.
A pinch of spice can make everything nice. When Beyer’s in the mood for something with a kick, he likes to add cayenne or some Cajun seasoning to dishes. “A little goes a long way,” he notes. And this chef knows spicy — he bottles his own hot sauce. Need some flavor ideas? From lemon juice to turmeric, head here for 19 ways you can add low-calorie flavor to your dishes.

4. Blend for better sauces.
Which kitchen appliances reign supreme in Beyer’s kitchen? A stick hand blender and food processor are his go-to’s. When you do want to whip up something fancier, these tools can help you make scrumptious condiments and sauces. “It emulsifies things a lot better [than using a whisk],” he says. (Bonus: Opting for a blender will help you save your arm strength for this triceps and biceps workout!)

Want to hear more from Beyer? Check him out today on Daily Burn 365.

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