6 Feng Shui Tips for Energizing Your Workout Space

6 Feng Shui Tips for Making Over Your Home Gym
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In feng shui, your home is a reflection of not only your mental state, but also everything that’s going on in your life, including your goals and intentions. The way you organize the various rooms in your house symbolizes the type of energy you bring into the universe — and what you put out is what you get. Dana Claudat, creator of The Tao of Dana and feng shui expert, says, “When you change your home, your life changes. They mirror each other. A cluttered and uninspired home reflects a life with blocks and stagnation.”

And the same holds true for your workout space.

If your goal is to become stronger and fitter, you’ll need an environment that inspires you to get active. Don’t have a home gym? Any space will do, Claudat says. Whether you like to exercise in your living room or bedroom (hey there, Daily Burn users!), it’s about making sure you have positive energy — also known as good-quality chi — in that space.

“I don’t use feng shui bagua directions to create home gyms. I’m more concerned about making sure the air is clear and purified and that you aren’t exercising in the midst of clutter,” Claudat says. After all, you can’t feel refreshed post-workout in the middle of a stress-filled space. Here are some of Claudat’s feng shui tips for creating an dedicated area that’s conducive to working out.

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6 Feng Shui Tips for Your Home Gym

1. Clear space for working out.

The same feng shui rules for organizing the rest of your house apply here, too. Namely, clearing out the clutter. Then, think about the vibe. If you’re borrowing space in your bedroom to practice yoga, you’ll want to create a restorative environment. Play soothing music, light some candles and use essential oils to help you relax.

And if cardio or HIIT is more your jam? “Avoid the large exercise equipment,” Claudat says. “Safety and personal flow are vital to getting the most out of your workout.” Take stock of the gear you have and give up or sell anything you don’t need. “If you have a lot of equipment taking over a space, but you need it all, it’s time to start thinking of re-locating to a better room or a shared space with friends,” Claudat says. A good pair of dumbbells, a resistance band, a mini foam roller and a yoga mat are simple, space-efficient staples.

2. Color for clarity.

Contrary to what some feng shui experts recommend, Claudat shies away from decorating home gyms with fire colors, like red and orange. Red is associated with passion, boldness and aggression, but Claudat believes they’re too stimulating. Instead, she recommends her clients use metal energy colors. (In feng shui, metal is the element tied to focus, curating and clarity.) “I like having greys and blues to help you focus. Having touches of the earth element, like brick walls or pops of beige, brown and green, can be really grounding.”

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3. Face the mirror, but just one.

Using mirrors can get tricky with feng shui, but if you rely on them for form checks, Claudat is all for looking at your reflection. Just keep in mind: “More than one mirror should be avoided in one room, especially if facing one another,” Claudat advises. Having two mirrors facing off creates a distinct energy conflict that can be disorienting and overwhelming. Not the stuff great workouts are made of.

4. Get sufficiently lit.

Claudat recommends full-spectrum light bulbs because they emulate natural light. According to feng shui principles, natural light promotes good chi, positivity and vibrancy. As for the amount of light you’ll want? There aren’t special rules. “Yoga can sometimes be a high-intensity workout, just as HIIT can also be a meditative practice. I would focus on space clearing to keep all workout areas refreshed and energetically clear, first and foremost,” Claudat notes.

5. Let your walls uplift you.

True story: Motivation can make or break your fitness habit. So why not hang your favorite mantra in your workout space? (Check out one of these simple DIY projects for starters.) On the flipside, you’ll want to avoid certain decorations, too. “Art is highly personal, though I suggest anyone avoid images of turbulence, depression, skulls, taxidermy and the like that creates a dive of energy in the environment,” Claudat advises. The key: Choose art that truly makes you happy — not just what feng shui dictates. “What is best for you will vary based on who you are and what inspires you personally.”

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 6. Wake up and smell the poses.

By now we know how the power of scent can provide an immersive experience for your workout. Studies have shown, for instance, that peppermint can help improve sports performance by promoting muscle relaxation and better breathing. So consider pimping out your workout space with an essential oil diffuser to help you get more from your workout. “Citrus can also help with focusing and be uplifting in the daytime. Lavender is great with yoga,” Claudat says.

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