The 37 Fittest Dogs We’ve Found on Instagram

It’s no secret we’re constantly tapping Instagram for fitness inspiration. But we’ve got something to confess: Our feeds might contain just as many puppies as pull-ups. (Finally, the cat is out of the bag.) From hounds running around to pups doing SUP, there’s no shortage of fit and fluffy pooches having a tail wagging-good time. Even professional athletes like Venus Williams and Novak Djokovic love giving their furry sidekicks a moment in the spotlight through their ‘grams.

So in honor of National Pet Day, on April 11, we are proud to present 37 of our favorite fitness “dogstagrams” (listed in no particular order). Fetch your phone because we know you’ll want to sit, stay, and double tap! Begging for more? If we missed any of your favorites, tell us in the comments below.

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The 37 Fittest Dogs We’ve Seen on Instagram

 1. @littleguyliftingbig
Bark if you love barbells! Golden retrievers may be man’s best friend, but efficient, full-body exercises like overhead squats should be a close second.

 2. @brentsteffenson
Insta-famous dog Mr. Mogley shows that pups know what’s SUP. He’s got perfect balance, and his human, American Ninja Warrior contestant Brent Steffenson, makes stand up paddleboarding looks easy. (But the sport actually requires a very strong core to generate speed!)

3. @yoga_pups
Stretch out those glutes while getting on your pooch’s level. It’s Figure Four pose, plus fido.

 4. @petco
The secret to a great workout? A willing training partner, of course! These two doggies are ready to hit the pavement in their sweet kicks. Petco’s IG feed has a plethora of pets, and plenty of dogs to spare.

 5. @purina
Now here’s a canine convention worth your woof. This Instavid shows hounds and humans getting their jog on at a “Bark in the Park,” where participants complete a 5K race alongside their pets in St. Louis, MO.

 6. @campingwithdogs
Furry sidekicks make the best camping compadres. They’ll frolic in the sand and help keep your sleeping bag warm at night. (Though no guarantees that they’ll help set up the tent.) This company’s web site features gear reviews for dog owners, and they plan to set up an app with tips on which parks allow pooches, too.

 7. @gopro
Daschunds may have little legs, but they can still be speedy! Case in point: This daredevil pup named Calloway. Watch the Instavid to see him romp while his human hits tricks on the rails at a skate park. For a canine POV, Go Pro now offers a special dog harness to attach your camera to your pooch’s chest or back.

 8. @thiswildidea
Is this dog about to nail a three-pointer? Maddie the coonhound works on her vertical at the basketball court. Her human, Theron, is an award-winning photographer who shares his gorgeous travels with Maddie via Instagram.

9. @jiffpom
Real talk: SoulCycle always has the best tunes. Even Jiff the Pomeranian knows this to be true. Watch the vid above to see him moonwalk to Michael Jackson. All the fluff can’t stop his smooth moves.

10. @crossfit
It’s not about the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. This mean muggin’ mutt is ready for any ruff WOD. Bring on the burpees!

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11. @ringo_thegringo
Exhale, inhale, wag your tail. Yoga instructor and social media celebrity Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) gets into downward dog with her four-legged friend, Ringo. For humans, this fundamental yoga pose may help boost circulation, release tension and reduce back stiffness.

12. @schnitzel_von_krumm
The next winter Olympics won’t be for a few more years, but Schnitzel will be ready to hit the slopes. Von Krumm shares the same name as a fictional dog who’s the hero of several children’s picture books.

13. @animalplanet
We’d vote for this K9 MVP! Diesel, a contender in the 2015 Puppy Bowl, challenged Billy Turner of the Miami Dolphins to some tug of war. Who got the W? Can we get a ref over here?

14. @ciaobella_beau
Beach bum Beau gets serious ups to catch a Frisbee while his sister Bella throws some shade at the camera. Count us in for some fetch next time, pups!

15. @corgistagram
Rule number one: You gotta look like a baller before hitting the court. And with that retro sweatband, Insta-celeb Loki the Corgi has this look down, f’sho. Game on!

16. @aspca
Air Bud’s got some competition. This pitbull named Brie defies gravity to keep her paws on the soccer ball. Watch out, World Cup! Even more heartwarming: The ASPCA uses their IG feed to promote animal adoption and prevent pet abuse. Head to to adopt your own fit fido or feline.

17. @crossfanatico
This gym dawg’s got perfect form for “up dog.” If you’re a human who’s got tight hips, this stretch is the perfect way to increase mobility.

18. @spcatexas
Move over, Mighty Ducks. Mighty Dogs may be the next big thing to hit the ice. Case in point: Blyss, a deaf pup who’s in goal with hockey player Patrick Valcak.

19. @tvmarksallen
Can a bulldog ride a skateboard? Seeing is believing! Check out the vid above to see Tillman cruise around with a big smile while teaching TV host Mark Allen, anchor for Good Day Sacramento, how it’s done.

20. @marniethedog
Oh hai — one of our favorite Insta-dogs loves biking as much as we do! Marnie frequently chills with celebs like James Franco, Tina Fey and Demi Lovato, but the senior rescue dog also appreciates a beautiful afternoon cycling outside. Marnie and her human advocate adopting senior dogs (who often get overlooked at shelters).

21. @proplan
Paws up in celebration! This canine champ has her victory pose on lock. Life is pretty good when you’re top dog, amiright? This feed from Purina Pro Plan has all dogs, all day. It’s too hard to pick a favorite — they’re all #bestinshow to us.

22. @thesochipups
Mishka might have been born in Russia, but he looks right at home on American skier Gus Kentworthy’s shoulders. (An Olympic Gold medalist with a heart of gold!) Kentworthy rescued several puppies from the streets of Sochi and gave them a forever home in the US.

23. @petsthatlift
If you can’t beat ’em, lick ’em. We hear sloppy dog kisses could be your secret weapon for shattering a deadlift PR. Head to @petsthatlift for more furry weightlifting — from guinea pig gains to cats pumping iron.

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24. @djokernole
Tennis champion Novak Djokovic may have a merciless serve, but it looks like he’s got a soft spot for some cuddly canines. Djokovic and wife Jelena share their mats with pooches Pierre and Tesla.

25. @justjessethejack
Now here’s one talented terrier: Jack the Jack Russell can jump rope! (Say that five times fast.) Check out his active antics, including swimming, playing Frisbee and paddleboarding, in the vid above.

26. @otekah_
A meeting of mammals… camel pose joins with the pawfect partner. With this movement, humans will strengthen their backs, glutes, triceps and, of course, their relationship with their furry friend.

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27. @venuswilliams
Love means nothing in tennis, but love means everything when it comes to Venus Williams’ Havanese, Harry. She brings him on runs even though she complains, “He’s always holding me back.”

28. @my_boaz
Do you even lift, pup? This fit fido, a vizsla named Boaz, looks like he’s about to go HAM on his WOD. The doggone look in his eye tells us this is going to be a PR!

29. @normanthescooterdog
Just because Norman has four legs doesn’t mean he can’t scoot like the best of them. Check out the video above to see the Briard (his breed) show off his bike skills.

30. @barkbox
Now here’s a pooch with some pep in his step. There’s nothing like your first run in a new pair of sneaks. BarkBox is a monthly subscription service for pet-themed products, and the company donates 10 percent of their profits to dogs in need. Heart warming and tail wag-worthy!

31. @willsockolov
Frightful weather outside? Why not hit the treadmill? No matter how fast this pup goes, he’s lapping everyone shedding dog hair on the couch.

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32. @hunterfitness
Rasco the English bulldog is ready to take these reverse planks up a notch. His human, California-based personal trainer Hunter Cook, adds weight to reverse planks to challenge his core and glutes. Bonus points for keeping a wiggly woof-er balanced as well!

33. @nohlsen
A furry golden retriever helps this pro CrossFit athlete go for the gold. Maximus motivates Noah Ohlsen to crush his sled push workout. This movement is key to building glute strength, core stability and explosiveness.

34. @nikkibear
Ready to switch up your sun salutation? Try flowing with a fluffy friend. In the vid above, this bichon mimics her human’s effortless poses. Nikki, a model and yoga fanatic, makes it look easy!

35. @buddybowaggytails
Aerobics fans know no workout is complete without some snazzy sweatbands. And this famous pup named Boo is ready to werk it out with all the colors of the rainbow! Old school fitness never looked so good. If you’re Boo-obsessed, you can even buy your own Boo paraphernalia (toys, books and more) on

36. @therealwatcha
Every boxer needs some support outside the ring. That’s why Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen brings his rescue dog Watcha to the gym. Though we bet he’d rather have Cohen throwing treats, as opposed to punches.

37. @dailyburn
Hiking, yoga, basketball, winter running — the dogs of DailyBurn keep their owners plenty active. Give a virtual belly rub to our fit furballs: Bailey, Baxter, Sammy, Louie, Nico, Pal, Chloe, Maggie and Thor.

Originally posted April 2014. Updated April 2016. 

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