12 Non-Candy Halloween Recipes That Are Ghoulishly Good


Costumes and colorful sweets — true signs it’s time for some Halloween fun. And while we’d like to think those bright orange and chocolatey treats aren’t all that bad, the reality is they’re far from calorie-free. Don’t fret, though! Here, you’ll get plenty of alternatives to the typical Halloween recipes that call for sugar bombs, but without missing out on the flavor and fun factors. All you have to do is get a little creative in the kitchen and you and your guests will be wow-ed. Festive, low-calorie and made from whole, good-for-you ingredients — consider these treats anything but scary!

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12 Fun, Festive (Even Healthy!) Halloween Recipes

1. Boo-Nana Pops

Not only is the ingredient list on these sweet popsicles short, but the calorie count is under 100. Plus, the final result is pretty darn cute. Just dip a frozen banana in melted, natural white chocolate and finish it off with two mini chocolate chips. Then, say BOO! (Okay, maybe that last part isn’t listed in the directions.) Recipe: Gina Homolka / SkinnyTaste

2. Cinnamon Sugar Tortilla

Here’s a snack you’ll want to sink your teeth into. Our tip: opt for coconut oil instead of butter and go light on the sugar to make the crisps even healthier. Use a cookie cutter to get the shape just right, then dip each piece into the cinnamon and sugar before baking on a sheet in the oven. Recipe: Elise Bauer / Simply Recipes

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3. Day of the Dead Fruit Pizza

Don’t be surprised if this pretty snack is cooler than your costume this year. Featuring a rainbow of fresh fruit, the treat packs vitamins and minerals — and far fewer calories than any candy bar on the market. Make one large skull ‘pizza,’ or opt for a few mini bite-sized skulls. Photo and recipe: Paula Bendfeldt / Growing Up Bilingual

4. Roasted Halloween Veggies

These festively cut vegetables will instantly liven up your dinner plate. Potatoes become ghosts, beets transform into witches’ hats and sweet potatoes morph into pumpkins. With a little imagination, the carrots even look like broomsticks! Recipe: Sarah Bond / Live Eat Learn

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5. Spooky Black Bean Hummus

Serve a bowl of this vegan appetizer and your guests will pester you for the secrets to all your Halloween recipes. Chipotle pepper and cumin spice up the black bean blend, but it’s the tahini web and olive spider that make this dip extra special. Pair with fresh veggies or homemade chips. Photo and recipe: Susan Voisin / Fat-Free Vegan Kitchen

6. Frankenstein Kiwis

With the right handiwork, your kiwi transforms into a surprisingly festive and cute Frankenstein. Pretzels create the neck bolts while chocolate serves as the eyes. These are certainly the least creepy human-monster hybrid you’ll ever encounter. Photo and recipe: Shelley / Two Healthy Kitchens

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7. Chicken Stuffed Peppers

Leave the sweets to the trick-or-treaters. While you fill their buckets with candy, you can fill up on these jack-o-lantern-inspired stuffed peppers. Paired with shredded chicken, rice and black beans, you get those cozy fall flavors and feel nice and full when you’re finished. Photo and recipe: Jenny / Everyday Jenny

8. Paleo Witch Finger Cookies

These treats definitely get involved in the creepiness of Halloween night. The paleo dough pairs with a strawberry jam and almonds for a crunchy, satisfying result that’ll leave you grabbing for more. Recipe: Taylor Kiser / Food Faith and Fitness

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9. Mini Caramel Apples

Think of these as the fun-sized version of candy apples. Use a melon baller to shape the mini apple, then dip each one in caramel. Leave them plain or top with nuts, chocolate, sprinkles — or all of the above. Recipe: Tiffany Ivanovsky / My Litter

10. Graveyard Taco Dip

Just a few healthy substitutions and you’ll have a dip that won’t leave you six-feet under (calories and fat, that is). Let the layers of black beans and avocado shine, but cut the diary-based layers down — or out altogether to make it a little more health-friendly. Gravestone-shaped chips will go quickly, so keep extras on hand. Recipe: Chickabug

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11. Bloody Chocolate Cups

Spooky but sweet, these raspberry-filled chocolate cups require just three ingredients to make. Better yet, they’re all vegan and gluten-free — and simply delicious. Recipe: Bianca / Elephantastic Vegan

12. Halloween Popcorn

Nothing screams Halloween like the orange and black color combo. In this recipe, low-calorie popcorn gets dressed in the festive colors. Our tip: keep the candy melts to a minimum and add in a DIY mix with coconut oil paired with pumpkin pie spice for a new take on the orange coloring. Photo and recipe: Janette Fuschi / Culinary Ginger

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Originally published on October 24, 2017. Updated on October 18, 2021

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