16 Apple Recipes for the Perfect Fall Meal

16 Apple Recipes for the Perfect Fall Meal

No shade to pumpkin spice latte lovers, but apples are arguably the fall menu staple.

In fact, the widely recognized symbol of a healthy diet gets the entire month of October dedicated to it, aka #NationalAppleMonth. And while the fruit, packed with 4.4 grams of fiber, is satisfying to its core, it’s versatile enough to sweeten the deal on breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert or even a tasty cocktail.

To ensure fresh ways to get that daily dose, we searched the Internet orchards to find some high quality and highly delicious apple recipes. Go picking for those Granny Smiths, Pink Ladies and Honeycrisps, then use these apple recipes to cook up your goods and satisfy all your autumn cravings. They’ll probably become the new apple of your eye.

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14 Healthy Apple Recipes to Make for Every Meal

Apple Recipes: No Bake Apple Pie Protein Bars

1. No Bake Apple Pie Protein Bars

Say sayonara to packaged granola bars and instead whip up these DIY, Paleo-approved versions. Gluten-free oat flour serves as the base for the apple, cinnamon, and almond butter fillings that make for a dessert-like taste. No heat needed. To use more of your pickings, prepare homemade applesauce. Chop and peel apples, add them to a large pot and cover halfway with water. Bring to a boil and then let them simmer. A little lemon juice and ground cinnamon will enhance the flavor. Photo and recipe: Arman / The Big Man’s World

Apple Recipes: Peanut Butter Apple Energy Bites

2. Peanut Butter Apple Energy Bites

There’s a good reason these tiny treats are trendy right now: They’re delicious. Plus, when you put together the power duo of peanut butter and protein powder, you get a seriously satisfying (not to mention tasty!) bite. Make sure to use the chewy dried apples and not freeze-dried or the texture will be off. Photo and recipe: Danae / Recipe Runner

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Apple Recipes: Cranberry Chicken Salad on Apple Slices

3. Cranberry Chicken Salad on Apple Slices

Here’s a yummy twist on the traditional chicken salad sandwich. Instead of using carb-loaded bread, pile cranberry chicken salad onto apple slices. To make it healthier, swap mayo (which clocks in at 94 calories per tablespoon) with Greek yogurt that’ll set you back just 13 calories for the same amount. Photo and recipe: Jovita / Yummy Addiction

Apple Recipes: Apple Pie Breakfast Parfait

4. Apple Pie Breakfast Parfait Recipe

Dessert for breakfast? You got it! Layer oats, apples and yogurt in a clear jar for a mouth-watering mix that nourishes your body with 10 grams of fiber and 12 grams of protein…before you’re even out the door! Photo and recipe: Carmen Sturdy / Life by Daily Burn

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Apple Recipes: Apple Pecan Arugula Salad

5. Apple Pecan Arugula Salad

If you’re craving some lighter fare for lunch or dinner, this fall salad will do the trick. Crisp apples and crunchy pecans perfectly compliment the zesty lemon vinaigrette for a vegan and gluten-free meal. Add two tablespoons of dried cranberries to kick up the sweetness. Or keep it savory with green apples, which contain less sugar than red ones. Photo and recipe: Dana / Minimalist Baker

Apple Recipes: Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Sauteed Apples

6. Chicken Skillet with Sweet Potatoes, Brussels Sprouts and Sautéed Apples

Looking for an easy dish with minimal clean-up? This one-pan wonder is for you. Loaded with apples, Brussels sprouts, and sweet potato — and high in vitamins A and B6 — this nutritious supper is a real crowd pleaser. Photo and recipe: Erin / Well Plated

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Apples Recipe: Vegan Baked Apples

7. Vegan Baked Apples Recipe

At just 103 calories per serving, you’ll want to go in for seconds of this sweet treat. Soft, juicy halved apples get an autumn-inspired spice treatment with cinnamon and nutmeg. Mix in oats and a sprinkle of brown sugar or maple syrup — and it all adds up to get a delicious, fulfilling bite that’s packed with fiber and thanks to peanut butter, some healthy fats too. Photo and recipe: Emily Miller / Life by Daily Burn

Apple Recipes: Spiced Apple Cider Donuts

8. Spiced Apple Cider Donuts

The epitome of fall dessert favorites! This slimmed down donut recipe calls for apple cider, apple sauce (which you can easily whip up on your own) and some palate-pleasing spices like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg. Top them with melted coconut oil, icing or more cinnamon for an extra little kick. Photo and recipe: Carmen Sturdy / Life by Daily Burn

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Apple Recipes: Apple Oatmeal Cookies

9. Apple Oatmeal Cookies

It’s hard to compete with apple pie, but we think these cookies take the cake. With only 110 calories per treat and a mere three grams of fat — thanks to applesauce instead of excess butter — this dessert is seriously yummy and healthy. Photo and recipe: Emily Miller / Life by Daily Burn

Apple Recipes: Strawberry Apple Paleo Crumble

10. Strawberry Apple Paleo Crumble

This grain-free, dairy-free crumble is certainly an enjoyable treat to cure sweet cravings. But the slow-digesting fiber from the apples and strawberries will also keep a sugar crash at bay. Top the dish with wholesome sliced almonds and mint for extra flavor. Photo and recipe: Amie Valpon / The Healthy Apple

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Apple Recipes: Almond Butter Apple Nachos

11. Almond Butter Apple Nachos

At 200 calories and four grams of filling fiber per serving, this inventive take on the traditional Tex-Mex entrée is ideal for any fall gathering. You can also whip them up for the kids after school or dive right in for a post-dinner indulgence. Photo and recipe: Alexa Shirm / Life by Daily Burn

Apple Recipes: Apple Cider Sangria

12. Apple Cider Sangria

This festive drink is easy to make for cocktail hour or a boozy brunch. The base of Pinot Grigio will set you back 122 calories, but the healthy dose of fiber from apples and pomegranates will help offset any guilt. Photo and recipe: Lexi / Lexi’s Clean Kitchen

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Apple Recipes: Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie

13. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Smoothie

The secret to this delicious dessert-like smoothie is the Granny Smith apples. Oatmeal, milk and plain Greek yogurt blended together give it that creamy taste, while a dash of cinnamon adds a final touch of sweetness. It’ll definitely keep you full until lunch or through an afternoon slump. Photo and recipe: Diana / Created by Diane

Apple Recipes: Apple Cider Hot Toddy

14. Apple Cider Hot Toddy

It’s tempting to reach for creamy eggnog as the holidays approach, but since each glass can be loaded with calories (more than 200 per cup, to be exact), skip it. Instead, sip this apple-laced hot toddy for happy hour or while you’re warming up by the fire. To really coax the apple flavor, look for unfiltered apple cider — it’s more potent. Photo and recipe: Cassie / Wholefully

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Apple Recipes: Apple Cranberry Almond Slaw

15. Apple Cranberry and Almond Coleslaw

This slaw just might become superior to the sandwich you pair it with. Stuffed with apples, cranberries and almonds, this side dish is lighter than the traditional adaptation because of its Greek yogurt foundation. Add in a tablespoon or two of Dijon mustard to really give it some zing. Photo and recipe: Jaclyn / Cooking Classy

Apple Recipes: Roasted Fall Vegetables and Apples

16. Roasted Fall Vegetables with Maple, Thyme and Apple

This meal companion is almost (read: almost) too pretty to eat. Roast apples, parsnips, purple potatoes, carrots and a few other veggies with a drizzle of olive oil and maple syrup until they’re lightly brown and tender. Consider sprinkling sea salt and thyme or parsley on top to spice things up even more. Photo and recipe: Stephanie Wilson / 31 Daily 

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