9 Genius Uses for Your Spiralizer (Low-Calorie Chips, Fries and More!)

9 Genius Spiralizer Recipes for Low-Calorie Chips, Fries and More

Italians are famous for their amore for all things pasta, but thanks to spiralized “zoodles,” they’re all about  low-carb substitutes, according to the research group Mintel. Since the squash swap saves about 160 calories per cup versus traditional spaghetti, it’s clear why dieters are devoted to their spiralizers. But the sharp slicer is good for more than spinning out standard zoodles. Try these creative spiralizer recipes to get the most out of this affordable culinary contraption.

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9 Creative Ways to Use Your Spiralizer, Plus Recipes

Spiralizer Recipes: Spiralized Vegetable Spring Rolls

1. Spiralized Vegetable Spring Rolls

Unlike Chinese deep-fried spring rolls, Vietnamese or Thai spring rolls are a low-calorie option due to their paper-thin rice wrapper. This vegetarian starter recipe is as colorful and beautiful as it is tasty. Give your spiralizer a workout creating curlicues of cucumber, radish and bell pepper for the filling. Serve with chopped kale and carrot ribbons. Photo and recipe: Keri / Fashionable Foods

Spiralizer Recipes: Basil-Parmesan Shoe String Fries

2. Oven Baked Basil Parmesan Shoestring Fries

Thick-cut potatoes can turn into a mushy mess when you opt to bake instead of fry them. Not these skinny shoestring spuds! Choose the smallest blade for tiny spirals that crisp up beautifully as they bake on a sheet pan. Seasoned with fresh chopped basil and grated Parmesan, these tasty fries pair well with the sweetness of the strawberry ketchup. Photo and recipe: Alexa Schirm / Simple Roots Wellness

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Spiralizer Recipes: Spicy Papaya Salad

3. Spicy Papaya Salad with Smoky Roasted Peanuts

You can spiralize more than veggies. This refreshing Asian salad is proof! Stock up on a couple vitamin C-powerhouse papayas, and give them a spin in the spiralizer. Use the spaghetti blade, or if you prefer thinner slices, opt for match sticks. Top with a citrus-herb dressing and garnish with sweet and spicy peanuts. Photo and recipe: Mel / A Virtual Vegan

Spiralizer Recipes: Green Chile Tuna Zoodle Casserole

4. Paleo Tuna Green Chile Casserole

Instead of pasta or rice, this Whole 30-approved seafood casserole starts with thick ribbons of zucchini. Once the excess moisture is pressed out of the green veggies, they’re the perfect neutral flavor base to soak up the goodness of the creamy tuna sauce. Photo and recipe: Lindsay Cotter / Cotter Crunch

Spiralizer Recipes: Goat Cheese Cranberry Chicken

5. Stuffed Chicken Breasts Wrapped in Spiralized Sweet Potato Strings

Instead of flour or breadcrumbs, this chicken recipe uses spiralized Japanese sweet potatoes as the coating, while offering the same satisfying crunch. Brush with a touch of melted ghee, butter or olive oil for wow-worthy texture. Photo and recipe: Sonia / The Healthy Foodie

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Spiralizer Recipes: Apple Fennel Farro Salad

6. Spiralizer Autumn Apple and Fennel Salad with Farro

Not all white foods are off limits. Spirals of crispy apples, thinly-sliced fennel and protein-rich farro are the three nutritious ingredients that take centerstage in this light appetizer. Photo and recipe: Sarah Cook / Making Thyme for my Health

Spiralizer Recipes: Roasted Butternut Squash Kale Salad

7. Roasted Spiralized Butternut Squash Kale Salad

The zoodle craze has been around long enough that you’re now well aware that summer squash can be spiralized. Butternut and other cooler-weather squashes can, too! Combine it with superfoods like chopped kale and pomegranate seeds for a colorful and nutritious salad that’s way better than any bagged mix. Photo and recipe: Emilie / Emilie Eats

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Spiralizer Recipes: Potato Chips and Onion Dip

8. Spiralized Potato Chips with Onion Dip

Baked chips can err on the bland or soggy side, but these thinly sliced rosemary-garlic goodies crisp up perfectly! Brush the sweet potato and russet potato rounds with olive oil and cook in a single layer on a sheet pan, then serve with your favorite dip — or enjoy solo for a low-calorie snack. Photo and recipe: Barbara Bianchi / The Gluten Free Homestead

Spiralizer Recipes: Peanut Coleslaw

9. 5-Minute Crunchy Lime Asian Slaw

Slaws soak up loads of flavor since the veggies involved are shredded into tiny pieces (allowing for ample surface area for the dressing to stick). For a refreshing alternative to mayo-laden slaws, spiralize cucumber, bell pepper and carrots, then coat with a homemade peanut-ginger sauce. Photo and recipe: Sabrina / Dinner, Then Dessert

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