The 3-Minute Mobility Break You Need Right Now

The 3-Minute Mobility Workout You Can Do at Your Desk
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A sore neck, tight hips, tense shoulders — these common aches can arise whether you’re sitting at a desk all day or running around from dusk to dawn. But if you move more (and more importantly, smarter!), you’ll help them feel better, faster. Just take it from movement master, Gregg Cook, creator of Daily Burn’s Mobility program who preaches that physical health isn’t just about getting to the gym and busting through a heavy weight set or HIIT session.

“Your body responds to what you do and what you don’t do,” he says. “If you’re stationary for most of the day, you’re not taking your joints through big ranges of motion regularly, so they’re going to start to get stiff.”

The thing is, mobility workouts don’t have to be complicated. And you don’t even have to get up from your seat to get loose. Enter this three-minute mobility workout from Cook — perfect for your desk (or couch!).

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Your 3-Minute Mobility Workout

You can follow along with this mobility workout on your bed, midday at your desk, in an airplane seat or even on a bus out of town. All it takes is three minutes and a slow, mindful approach to loosen up from head to toe. “This can be done multiple times throughout the day,” Cook says. “Do it four to five times a day and see how it changes your overall movements — and your spirit.”

You’ll start the routine by slowly making circles with your upper body, helping you gain movement in your spine and stretching your neck. Then you’ll work down to your legs, focusing on releasing tension in your glutes and hips. You’ll finish the workout with a chest opener paired with shoulder mobility. So sit up straight, press play and get ready to stretch it out — your “ahh” moment is three minutes away.

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