Not a Morning Person? 7 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas for You

Not a Morning Person? 7 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Even if you’re a morning person, making breakfast after your alarm clock goes off can be a real slog. Chop vegetables, measure ingredients, fire up the stove, wash out your omelet skillet…Will you ever make it out the door? It can be tempting to reach for sugary cereals or grab-n’-go options from your local coffee shop rather than dirtying up your kitchen.

But you could be chowing down on healthier fare and saving yourself some dough in the process. Your secret weapon: Meal prepping these seven delicious breakfast recipes. Each option below is leftover-friendly, meaning you can whip it up over the weekend, store it in your fridge and enjoy leftovers that still taste great for the rest of the week. From mini omelets to oatmeal muffins and overnight oats, these seven breakfast ideas might just make a meal prepper out of you.

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7 Make-Ahead Breakfast Ideas

Protein Overnight Oats Recipe
Photo by Lee Hersh

1. Protein Overnight Oats
Take five minutes to prep this easy recipe at night and you’ll have a satisfying bowl of deliciousness when you wake. Dress your breakfast up with fresh berries and a dollop of nut butter for a truly spectacular start to your day.

Raspberry Chia Seed Breakfast Bars Recipe
Photo by Renee Blair

2. No-Bake Raspberry Chia Breakfast Bar
Sweet raspberry jam is the ideal complement to the nutty oatmeal base in this recipe. Even the most novice chefs will be able to pull off these bars, since you don’t even need to turn on an oven!

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Healthy Egg Muffins Recipe
Photo by Alexa Schrim

3. Savory Egg Muffins
Use your muffin tin to make this egg-cellent breakfast. Each serving delivers a whopping 16 grams of protein and only 150 calories. Vegetarian? Skip the ham and double down on veggies.

Healthy Breakfast Cookie Cups Recipe
Photo by Alexa Schrim

4. Gluten-Free Breakfast Cookie
Cookies…for breakfast? Don’t mind if we do! Almonds, walnuts and flax meal deliver a mega-dose of fiber, healthy fats and omega-3s. Make a batch of these before the week begins, then serve them with yogurt, milk or fresh berries for an easy, fuss-free morning.

Spinach and Egg Muffins Recipe
Photo by Perry Santanachote 

5. Green Eggs and Ham
Kids and adults alike will love this verdant take on egg muffins. Mix up the ingredients using a blender, then bake your bites in a tin. Take or leave the cheese depending on your preference!

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Healthy Rasbperry Whole Wheat Bars Recipe
Photo by Perry Santanachote

6. Whole-Grain Raspberry Jam Bars
These wholesome breakfast bars are way better than your average coffee shop bakery treat. Packed with fiber from oatmeal, flax seeds and raspberries, this recipe is bound to keep you satisfied ‘til lunchtime. Wheat germ also delivers B vitamins, zinc, magnesium and manganese to kickstart your day in a nutritious way.

Blueberry Oatmeal Breakfast Muffins Recipe
Photo by Alexa Schrim

7. Blueberry Oatmeal Muffins
Make these muffins ahead of time and grab one when you need breakfast in a flash. Each serving has chia seeds, walnuts and antioxidant-packed blueberries. Hot out of the oven or pulled from your bag on-the-go, this dish can’t be beat when it comes to portability.

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