8 Soothing Smoothie Recipes to Help You Sleep

8 Soothing Smoothie Recipes to Help You Sleep

Does your nightcap usually involve a glass of red wine, a cup of chamomile or maybe some milk and cookies? These days, everyone is looking for a magic ticket to the ultimate snooze fest. Some companies have even created a sleep protein powder to blend into your evening cuppa. But you can do your body a better favor by whipping up a delicious smoothie made with a few healthy ingredients scientifically proven to promote rest, instead. Here, we rounded up some of our favorite bloggers’ sleep-promoting smoothie recipes — the perfect antidote to a stressful day.

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8 Delicious Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep

Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Banana Almond Smoothie Recipe

1. Banana-Almond Bedtime Smoothie

This four-ingredient smoothie is so simple, yet the addition of caramel extract is an unexpected twist. Bananas are an excellent source of potassium, which may help you sleep through the night. The smoothie is also rich in magnesium — a nutrient that helps calm the nervous system. Even better: There’s no added sugar, making it the perfect recipe to drift away to dreamland. Photo and recipe: Sabra Wineteer / Great Green Heron

Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Cherry Plum Smoothie Recipe

2. Cherry and Plum Smoothie

Cinnamon and ginger give Nourished by Nutrition’s Cherry and Plum Smoothie a heartwarming flavor. Tart cherries naturally contain melatonin — the hormone that regulates sleep — which could clue your brain in to the fact it’s bedtime. Research has found that sipping cherry juice may help reduce the effects of insomnia. It can also reduce muscle soreness, too! Photo and recipe: Jessica Kelley / Nourished by Nutrition

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Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Banana Bread Shake Recipe

3. Banana Bread Shake

This spiced banana bread shake recipe will remind you of that old-school warmed milk remedy for sleeplessness. In addition to magnesium and potassium, bananas add tryptophan, which may help you catch some zzz’s. You can make your own walnut milk or opt for store-bought nut milk. Walnuts are packed with omega-3 fatty acids, which have been shown to help with melatonin production. But we suggest skipping the cacao nibs, as they have some caffeine. Photo and recipe: Laura Wright / The First Mess

Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie Recipe

 4. Spiced Oatmeal Smoothie

You probably can’t imagine snuggling in bed with a bowl full of bedtime oatmeal, but this spiced oatmeal smoothie just may have you changing your tune. The high-fiber content and low-glycemic index of oats makes them a great bet for sleepy time, and this recipe also includes Greek yogurt, which is high in tryptophan. Photo and recipe: Brandon Matzek / Kitchen Konfidence

Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Snickerdoodle Chickpea Smoothie Recipe

5. Snickerdoodle Chickpea Smoothie

Chickpeas in a smoothie might seem a little wacky, but Alexis of Hummusapien argues that they’re creamy, rich in protein and nearly flavorless, so why not? The chickpeas in her smoothie are high in fiber, protein and vitamin B6, which is a key ingredient in the body’s production of melatonin. Banana also makes a cameo in this recipe, boosting its slumber-prompting potential. Photo and recipe: Alexis Joseph / Hummusapien 

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Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Immune-Booster Orange Smoothie Recipe

6. Immune Booster Orange Smoothie

Immune-boosting ingredients and a good night’s rest all in one colorful package? Sign us up! Anti-inflammatory turmeric, ginger and cinnamon take center stage and infuse this orange drink with mouthwatering flavor. But sweet potato lends the beverage creaminess and muscle-relaxing magnesium and potassium. Photo and recipe: Dana Shultz / Minimalist Baker

Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Kale-Kiwi Nighttime Smoothie Recipe

7. Kale-Kiwi Bedtime Smoothie

This all-green snooze-inducing cocktail features kale, banana, yogurt, kiwi and flaxseed to help you settle your tummy before bed. Almond butter also adds magnesium, so when your head hits the pillow, you’ll finally chill out and pass out. Photo and recipe: Ana Stanciu / Hello Glow

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Smoothie Recipes for Better Sleep: Kale and Edamame Smoothie Recipe

8. Edamame and Kale Pina Colada Smoothie

Yes, edamame — your favorite sushi side dish — is the star of this smoothie that blends the favors of an island getaway into one glass. Edamame is another food that packs that magical sleep-inducing formula of potassium, magnesium and calcium. It’s also high in protein and fiber, so you won’t be woken in the wee hours by a grumbling stomach. Photo and recipe: Liz Houck / Cooking by Moonlight

Tell us, what are your favorite home remedies for sleeplessness? Share them below!

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