The Best DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Editor’s note: It’s crunch time this holiday season so we’re bringing back this roundup of DIY gifts for all you last-minute shoppers! Skip long lines and check out these DIY gifts for the fitness fanatics in your life. And if you wrap one up and gift it to yourself, your secret’s safe with us!

7 Holiday DIY Gifts for Fitness Lovers

Photo: Happiness is Homemade

If you’re anything like us, the holidays snuck up on you, and now you’re scrambling to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. But why settle for something impersonal like a gift card or a same old box of chocolates when you can make one of these easy personalized DIY gifts for your fitness-loving friend. The bonus is that stocking stuffers are made with items you can easily purchase at a crafts store, so you’ll save money and channel some creative holiday spirit.

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7 DIY Gifts for Wellness Buffs 

7 DIY Gifts for Fitness Lovers - DIY Headband
Photo: Stay Fit Mom

1. DIY Fitness Headband
Your favorite sweaty Betty wouldn’t dare show up to a workout without a headband to wick the liquid awesome away from her forehead. Instead of dropping dough on one that you don’t know will fit her head for sure, why not create one that’s made just for her? With some swatches of her favorite fabric and a few sewing materials, she’ll have a gift you know nobody else at the gym will have.

Photo: The Healthy Maven

2. DIY Yoga Mat Spray
Real talk: when was the last time you cleaned your yoga mat? If you’re racking your brain trying to remember, not to worry. You’re totally not alone! It’s easy to forget that our mats need a good clean to prevent bacteria from building up so you can keep down-dogging and child’s posing with peace of mind. This tutorial from The Healthy Maven couldn’t be easier: simply add witch hazel, water, and the essential oil(s) of your choice to a spray bottle, and you’ve got an antimicrobial and antibacterial spray ready to go!

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7 DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers
Photo: Happiness is Homemade

3. Sports Soak
Anyone can buy a bath bomb, but it takes someone special to make your own soak. We won’t spill all the secrets, but it just takes some Epsom salt, baking soda, essential oils and food coloring. Package it all up in a pretty Mason jar with a bow, and you’ll be the hero of your gift exchange.

7 DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers - Recipe Binder
Photo: The Gracious Wife

4. Recipe Binder

If you have a meal prep maven in your life, it’s time to get cracking on this recipe binder. Stop her from her Pinterest princess ways by giving her a way to store all of her favorite recipes IRL. Buy a nice binder, and fill it with these free printables from Michelle at The Gracious Wife. She can use the pretty printables to fill out the ingredients and instructions for all her favorite dishes.

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7 DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers - DIY Yoga Pants
Photo: Helen’s Closet

5. Yoga Pants

Sew what? If you’re crafty with a sewing machine: First off, we want to know you. And secondly, you can make leggings so your loved one can downward dog her way happy. She’ll appreciate them more than the other workout capris and leggings in her collection. But we won’t judge if she decides to wear it to brunch or a coffee date. The best part? This project takes no longer than a vinyasa class.

7 DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers - DIY Half-Marathon Tote
Photo: Run Wiki

6. Golden Arrow Tote

13.1 car stickers are cool and all, but a bag that proclaims you’re a half-marathoner is even more legit. This gorgeous golden arrow tote is a unique way to show your friend that you’re cool with them skipping out on social obligations in favor of training runs, and how proud you are of their dedication and motivation. It’s also great for storing race day essentials, like water, gels, deodorant and extra layers.

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7 DIY Holiday Gifts for Fitness Lovers - DIY Half-Marathon Tote
Photo: Giggles Galore

7. Motivational Water Bottle

We all know that person in our life who says they “just don’t like water,” or someone who has a hard time drinking the daily recommended amount. But maybe they just haven’t found the right bottle to remind them. Put the power in their hands with this motivational bottle to help them meet their goals.

Originally published 2016, updated 2020.

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