How to Get Rid of Back Pain if You’re a Desk Worker

We’ve all been there: the workday ends, you get ready to leap away from your computer and desk and into the rest of your day, and — record scratch! Instead of bounding up with excitement, you moan and groan as you gingerly get out of your chair. You’ve got a case of Sitting-All-Day-Itis!

Lack of physical activity can have many adverse effects – but what if you have a desk job where you actually have to sit all day?

Don’t despair! Look, it’s true that sitting for long periods isn’t doing your body any favors – it actually places your muscles in a shortened and strained position. Plus, if you’re pinned to your desk at work and tend to lean forward while working on the computer, you probably feel neck and low back pain after a long day. However, the good news is that in just a few minutes, you can stretch, loosen up, and work out any tight spots.

We’ve gathered a selection of Daily Burn workouts that can help with back pain, relieve tension, and improve posture. Try these and feel your body rejuvenate in 30 minutes or less – you’ll thank us later! Pro tip: Click the heart and add them to your Favorites list so you can come back to them whenever you want.

Standing Mobility

From Daily Burn Mobility

This one is pure gold: it’s only 11 minutes long, you can do it anywhere, anytime, and you can do it standing at your desk! No matter how packed your day, you can squeeze it in for a short workout break to reset.

This total-body mobility session consists mostly of Controlled Articular Rotations (CARs) to feel a better range of movement in your neck, shoulders, spine, and legs. Forget about any discomfort or pain after sitting in your office chair hunched over your computer. After just a couple of hip circles and deep squats you’ll feel an increase in mobility and blood flow, so get up and stretch!

Sweet (Joint) Relief

From Yoga For Mobility & Flexibility

Photo: Yoga For Mobility & Flexibility by Daily Burn

Say goodbye to stiffness and constraint in your post-workday body! This flow goes deep to leave you feeling like new. Great for all levels of yoga experience, you don’t need anything except a mat to get relief.

From a gentle warm-up into stretching poses like half-moon, cat and cow, and downward-facing dog, you’ll tap into some fierce warrior poses before cooling down. The result? You’ll work on your flexibility and clear your mind with breathing exercises, which will totally get your creative juices flowing and ready for whatever’s next on your schedule.

Release Total Body

From Recover

Photo: Recover by Daily Burn

Think massages are a luxury for those rare errand and chore-free weekends? Think again – you can literally give your body a self-massage every night with Lindsey’s help. You’ll need an inexpensive foam roller and a lacrosse ball. (If you’re looking to upgrade your mobility session, we love Hyperice‘s incredible range of massage tools.) You can also swap the lacrosse ball for a tennis one, or even borrow one from your dog! 

This recovery release session brings total-body relief, starting at your feet and all the way up your legs. Then, your spine gets much-needed attention and love before finishing up with gentle neck rolling. We’re not gonna lie: you might feel some initial discomfort in each position, but breathe through it and you’ll feel all the tension melting away. 


From Yoga Made Simple

Photo: Yoga Made Simple by Daily Burn

In addition to all the physical benefits, yoga is an amazing stress-management tool. It can restore your body and clear your mind like no other practice can, leaving you limber and relaxed. If you’re ready to release any stress in your body or negative thoughts in your head, just press play and repeat after Briohny. This particular flow will help you wind down after your work day or recover from a tough workout, and it’s especially designed to help you de-stress.

This soothing yoga class starts with easier poses like mountain and half split and progresses to more advanced hamstring stretches like Janu Sirsasana (head-to-knee pose) or Upavistha Konasana (wide-angle seated forward bend). Feel free to do it at your own pace, and modify to get the most out of every move.

The bottom line

Moving your body is key to your overall well-being, so even if you are sitting at a desk during your workday, make sure to take time to stretch it out and give your muscles time to relax.

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