Your Free, 30-Minute Workout: The Full-Body Thanksgiving Blast

Your Free, 30-Minute Workout: Full-Body Thanksgiving Blast

Note to reader: Our Thanksgiving workout is no longer available, but you can get access to new, live Daily Burn 365 workouts daily at — free for 30 days!

Does fitness get put on the backburner this time of year? We feel you. With Thanksgiving travel, holiday parties and big, year-end deadlines looming, time is at a real premium. Our to-do lists are getting longer and there are only so many hours in a day!

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But we’re going to let you in on a little secret: Sneaking in a workout is probably more doable than you think. And this year, we’re going to make it even easier for you to do a little huffing before the Thanksgiving stuffing. In the spirit of giving, we’re inviting everyone to join the Daily Burn 365 movement with a FREE 30-minute workout. (Yes, the same ones we deliver to our awesome DB365 subscribers daily!)

In this exclusive workout above, you’ll get access to not one but seven of the Daily Burn trainers — all teaming up for one epic, full-body blast.

On the road, with no gym or equipment handy? Even better. This bodyweight-only circuit workout features moves that you and the whole family can do — no fancy gear or complicated choreography required. So call mom, cousins, gramps — and don’t forget the kids: There’s something for everyone (and every fitness level!) with this energizing mix of mobility, strength and cardio.

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Daily Burn 365: Meet the Family

First time busting a move with our DB365 trainers? Here’s a little more on these masters of sweat. Their strengths and styles may vary, but they share one thing in common: The passion to help you reach your goals — no matter what it takes.

Gregg: The mobility guru. Prepare to feel more loose, limber and lighter on your feet when you’re working it with this brain-meets-brawn all-star.
Prince: The strength specialist. Leg work must be his middle name. Your quads and glutes will feel the burn under the watch of his muscled majesty.
Cheri: The creative genius. Expect your muscles — and your brain — to ignite when this cardio queen’s in charge.
Erika: The motivational mama. Her signature kickboxing moves will kick things up a notch, served up with a side of inspiration.
Dara: The beauty…who’s a beast. Don’t let that smile trick you — this trainer’s got some sneaky strength and cardio moves up her sleeves. (And seriously, those arms…)
Krystal: The eternal optimist. Have a case of the workout blahs? This seasoned pro will help you move your body — and adjust your mindset — in fresh new ways.
Becca: The energizer bunny. We’ll have what she’s having. Grace, strength and smiles are just a few of the things she delivers to keep your body happy and balanced.

The bottom line: This crew has you covered — today and every day, 365 days a year.

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