What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like

Snickers, Tootsie Rolls, Butterfingers…all in “fun size” packages. But a close look at their nutrition facts panel, and this year’s Halloween haul is guaranteed to spook you. Loaded with scary amounts of added sugar, artificial coloring, saturated fat and preservatives, a seemingly innocent bag of treats can play a nasty trick on your waistline. Giving yourself a free pass to indulge? Go for it! If a major cheat day isn’t in the cards, consult this under-100 calorie portion guide to your favorite Halloween treats. Feeling inspired to get busy in the kitchen instead? We’ve got a few healthy homemade options! Trick or Treat Trail Mix and Low-Fat Pumpkin Cheesecake Pops are a better way to indulge in your sweet tooth.

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What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like

What 100 Calories of Halloween Candy Looks Like

Your Favorite Halloween Treats Under 100 Calories


29 M&Ms: 99 calories

4 Three Musketeers: 97 calories

1 Butterfinger Mini: 96 calories

4 Milk Chocolate Hershey Kisses: 89 calories

2 Mini Reeses Peanut Butter Cups: 86 calories

4 Tootsie Roll Midgees: 93 calories

2 Snickers Minis: 85 calories

1 Lindor Milk Chocolate Truffle: 79 calories

2 Milky Way Minis: 76 calories

1.5 Crunch Bar Minis: 75 calories

1 Kit Kat Bar Mini: 70 calories


13 Swedish Fish: 96 calories

13 Candy Corn: 95 calories

15 Sour Patch Kids: 93 calories

9 Starburst Fruit Chews: 90 calories

5 Jolly Ranchers: 83 calories

1 Fun-Size Skittles: 80 calories

2 Twizzlers: 70 calories

2 Mini Boxes of Nerds: 70 calories

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Halloween Candy Crush

What’s going in your holiday haul this year? Whether it’s chock full of chocolates or sour candies, it never hurts to keep an eye on portion size. If calorie counting isn’t your thing (heck, this is one holiday that everyone’s allowed some leeway!), be sure to hop back on the healthy bandwagon without too much delay. Unhealthy habits can have a scary way of sticking!

Originally posted on October 25, 2013. Updated on October 2016.