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14 Flavor-Packed Fruit Infused Water Recipes

You’ve heard it before: One of the easiest tricks to feel energized and reach your weight loss goals is water, water and more water. Science says just one extra glass per meal can help you consume over 1,000 fewer calories per week! That’s because water is a great way to curb hunger, plus odds are good you’re passing up more caloric beverages like sugary juices.

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But plain old H2O could use a little oomph, right? Luckily, infusing that glass of agua with ingredients like fruit, herbs and spices will make a big difference in the flavor department. From strawberry mint to ginger peach, here are 14 fruit infused water recipes that go so far beyond adding a lemon wedge.

14 Refreshing Fruit Infused Water Recipes

1. Lavender Lemonade
Nothing beats lemonade on a hot summer day, right? But instead of syrupy concentrate, make it homemade with fresh ingredients. Lavender adds a uniquely sweet twist that tastes a good as it looks. Plus, this recipe substitutes in raw agave nectar for a portion of the sugar so you can feel OK about downing a glass or two. Photo and recipe: Kelly Gellner / Eat Yourself Skinny

2. Strawberry Mint Water
Put this fruity water in a pitcher at your next party, or fill up a water bottle for the next time you hit the gym. Simply slice a few berries and drop in a few mint leaves. Expert tip: Tear the leaves before you add them to the mix to release even more robust flavor. Photo: Kylie Chevalier; Recipe: Ally / Inspired by This

3. Citrus Mint Water
This recipe features thick slices of antioxidant-rich grapefruit. Snack on the slices while you hydrate and you’ll get a dose of immunity-boosting lycopene. Lemon rounds out the citrusy taste, while mint and cucumber deliver a note of freshness. Photo and recipe: Leigh Ann Chatagnier / My Diary of Us

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4. Watermelon Basil Water
Watermelon and basil are sort of the unofficial stars of warm weather. Pair them in salads, salsas and, yes, even water. Fill your glass with wedges (including the rind) for a pop of green and pink, but fill with cubes and muddle the melon flesh if you’re going for more of a DIY watermelon water vibe. Photo and recipe: Natasha Kravchuk / Natasha’s Kitchen

5. Blackberry Mint Water
Let a pitcher of this sit for minimum of two hours (overnight if you’re in no hurry). By the time it reaches your glass your flavored water will have a tart yet sweet kick to it. And thanks to flavonoids, which give the berry its color and a hit of antioxidants, the blackberries are a great way to support your immune system. Photo and recipe: Katie Enzenberger / The Casual Craftlete

6. Blueberry Orange Water
Don’t let the odd combo throw you — orange and blueberry are a phenomenal flavor pairing. Pack up a bunch of oranges and blueberries for your next picnic and peel the orange instead of slicing for an easy, on-the-go assembly. Photo and recipe: Peachy Adarne / The Peach Kitchen

7. Mojito Water
Come happy hour, nix the alcohol and opt for this mojito water instead. Mint and plenty of lime (the more, the better!) team up for a light and tart beverage that won’t leave you with a hangover. Add a touch of sugar if you’re really looking to trick your taste buds. Photo and recipe: Rebecca Hubbell / Sugar & Soul

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8. Pear Vanilla Water
Pear, ginger, cinnamon and vanilla bean join forces for this unique sipper. Extra incentive? Ginger helps improve digestion, eases nausea and boosts your immune system while quenching your thirst. Photo and recipe: Beth Manos Brickey / Tasty Yummies

9. Cardamom Rose Water
This combination just sounds soothing. Cardamom and rose petals come together for a unique, yet surprisingly successful treat for your senses. A big glass of this can replace your steaming cup of tea next time you treat yourself to a soak in the tub. Photo and recipe: Sue Moran / The View from the Great Island

10. Apple Cinnamon Water
Who says you need to wait for the leaves to start turning to enjoy apples and cinnamon? Here, the complementary ingredients are joined by plums and pears for a fruity and spicy blend. Cinnamon can help digestion, so this is a great option for hydrating after a meal. Photo and recipe: Krissy Allori / Self-Proclaimed Foodie

11. Rainbow Citrus Water
For this recipe, you can add as many different types of citrus as you please. (Think: Grapefruit, oranges, lemons and limes!) The result: A gorgeous spectrum of color filling your glass to the brim. Photo and recipe: Kelly Roenicke / The Pretty Bee

12. Strawberry Jalapeno Infused Water
Want to stimulate your senses? Add something spicy like jalapeno to your glass. But don’t worry, this beverage is still refreshing thanks to sweet strawberries, which balance the kick of heat. Try it next time your sinuses are feeling those springtime cold symptoms and it could help you clear things out. Photo and recipe: Sue Moran / The View from the Great Island

13. Ginger Peach Water
Not only does the spicy root have strong digestive powers, it’s also packed with anti-inflammatory properties. But all you’ll be thinking as you sip is how ginger and peach are a match made in heaven. Photo and recipe: Sarah Ehlinger / Very Sari


14. Lemon Lime Mint Water
Think of this as an upgrade to your average lemon water. The key here is muddling the mint and lemon — both quite refreshing flavor — with a big spoon in order to release the flavors even more than squeezing a wedge. Photo and recipe: Shay / Living Chirpy