The 25 of the Most Epic Yoga Photos Worldwide

We know, we know, we’re supposed to “be present,” but we’d rather daydream about our next warm-weather getaway than shovel snow off our sidewalk or driveway. And when a whole crop of yogis starts posting Instagram pics of beachside yoga sessions, we’re even more inspired head down south for some downward dog. (Into fitness-fueled vacations? Check out these fun and affordable retreats.)

Can’t leave on a jet plane right this second? For a quick virtual vacation, take a moment out of your day and check out these 25 epic yoga photos we’ve been double-tapping in our feed. From handstands in Paris to warrior poses in Asia, the ‘grams will transport you, guaranteed.

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25 Yoga Pics That’ll Inspire Instant Wanderlust

Riva G Yoga Pics

1. @riva_g_
Wanna rock with Riva G? “Sitting here made me feel so small, but so connected to the earth,” the yogi writes of her moment of stillness near Bryce Canyon in southern Utah. 

Nike Yoga Pics

2. @nike
Warrior I in the land of the rising sun. BRB, leaving for Kyoto, Japan on the next flight.

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Gisele Yoga Pics

3. @gisele
She might be the wife of a famous quarterback, but Gisele knows how to get in the zone, too. Can we score an invite to the family yoga sesh next time?

Lizasouras Yoga Pics

4. @lizasouras
Aerial yoga reaches new heights in Moab, Utah. (Seriously kids, don’t try this at home — or on the road.)

Rasta Yogi Yoga Pics

5. @dade2shelby
Would you believe us if we told you that this yogi is a former NFL athlete? Check out his poses on the Santa Monica Pier. BYO fierce legwear.

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Gypset Goddess Yoga Pics

6. @gypsetgoddess
The living looks pretty easy (and peaceful!) in this Hawaii state park. Caitlin Turner makes hand-to-big toe pose look pretty easy, too!

Yoga Beyond Yoga Pics

7. @yogabeyond
We can’t decide what’s more breathtaking — this acroyoga duo or the stunning temple in Jeju Islands, South Korea.

Patrick Beach Yoga Pics

8. @patrickbeach
Handstands go international. We wouldn’t mind tagging along in his suitcase for inversions followed by Nutella crepes.

REI Yoga Pics

9. @rei
More picturesque than your standard yoga studio, no? Arches National Park looks like the perfect spot for some Warrior I.

Sandra Inosha Yoga Pics

10. @sandrainsoha
Vacation is meant for turning your life upside down. Here, this dedicated yogi gets vertical in Joshua Tree, California.

Yoga Rachael Yoga Pics

11. @yogaracheal
It’s acroyoga, ninja-style. These ladies beat the heat with their gravity-defying moves by the sea.

jcrocket Yoga Pics

12. @jcroket
Slippery rocks pose no challenge for this Seattle-based yogi. Thinking about the calming whoosh of that waterfall is making us more relaxed already.

Robin Martin Yoga Pics

13. @robinmartinyoga
Yoga goals: Forearm wheel, patterned leggings, and a reflection pool full of intention.

TJ Hark Yoga Pics

14. @tjhark
Jarkarta, Indonesia isn’t a bad place for a seated side stretch. Take us with you next time, Taylor Hark?

Luliadib Yoga Pics

15. @luliadib
Maybe you’ve tried a partner exercise or two. But have you practiced acroyoga with sweeping views of Brazil next to you? Didn’t think so.

Just_one_yogini Yoga Pics

16. @just_one_yogini
“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone,” writes Carrie Torres, a daredevil yoga enthusiast who snapped this pic in Indonesia. Holy wheel, we hope that current wasn’t too strong!

Becca Pace Yoga Pics

17. @beccapace
Our very own Daily Burn 365 trainer Becca Pace strikes a pose on the sands of Puerto Rico. Sunset game, won.

Yoga Girl Yoga Pics

18. @yoga_girl
So maybe you can’t jet off to your own private island. But if you’ve got a few inches of fresh pow in your ‘hood, you can still do your om thing in the great outdoors with…. snowga! (Yup, that’s snow yoga.)

Keoni Hudoba Yoga Pics

19. @keonihudoba
Will ride for strength. Trainer and Cyc Fitness instructor Keoni Hudoba channels it all into this dancer’s pose in his native Hawaii.

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Allyoucanyoga Yoga Pics

20. @allyoucanyoga
Ancient lands call for epic Instagrams, including this sunset sun salutation in picturesque Greece. Now that’s a hip flexor stretch with a view!

Amanda Bisk Yoga Pics

21. @amandabisk
A tree grows in… Australia! This former pole vaulter-turned fitness all-star soaks up the sun in Perth. Looking at this ‘gram, we can almost hear the calming waves of the ocean.

Kathryn Budig Yoga Pics

22. @kathrynbudig
Kathryn Budig is flying as high as the clouds in this snap. Hope her passport’s tucked away safely…

Laura Lebrondr Yoga Pics

23. @lauralebrondr
No sleep ’til Brooklyn. For those that dream of urban escapes, feast your eyes on this talented duo practicing right under the Brooklyn Bridge.

Loreleicol Yoga Pics

24. @loreleicol
“Hike down? Namast’ay up here.” This witty yogi is striking a pose in the Grand Canyon. Spotter, required.

Tara Stiles Yoga Pics

25. @tarastiles
What, you don’t do yoga on volcanic rock? Tara Stiles posted this “throwback” to a Hawaii vacation, and let’s just say she’s a tough act to follow. Clear skies, full hearts, can’t lose.

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