6 Incredible Women’s Retreats to Reboot Your Health

If 2017 has taught us anything, it’s that a little self-care can go a long way. Activities like hiking, yoga and meditation can help you relax, de-stress and practice more mindfulness in your life. And if you can combine these fun activities with a vacation to a dreamy location, why not put those well-deserved PTO days to use?

With a growing number of women taking on the outdoors, women’s wellness retreats are becoming more popular than ever. And thanks to non-profit organizations like the Outdoor Women’s Alliance, GirlTrek and Altitude Seven, trekking the globe in the name of fitness, adventure, serenity — not to mention charity — is easier than ever, too. From a blissful yoga retreat in Bali to rock climbing in the Utah desert, here are some of the top women’s retreats to book for the New Year.

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6 Women’s Retreats for the Ultimate Girls’ Trip

The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: REI Outessa
Photo: Courtesy of Elena Pressprich

1. REI Outessa

Location: Waterville Valley, NH; Mt. Hood, OR; Kirkwood, CA
Dates: Summer 2018
Cost: $799; Participants must pay for their housing and travel to the event.
Drawing more than 1,000 women from across the country each year, REI Outessa’s retreat series empowers women to challenge their physical and mental limits in nature. Whether you’ve always dreamed of rock climbing, mountain biking, standup paddle boarding or hiking, Outessa’s three-day event lets you customize your itinerary. You can also sign up for inspiring talks from female athletes, writers and entrepreneurs, plus classes on wilderness survival and backpacking. No matter which location you choose — from the mountains of Kirkwood, California to Mount Hood in Oregon  — you’ll forest bathe in breathtaking views. Leave sweaty, dirty and happy — you can thank us later for your new friends for life.

The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: Big Sky Yoga Retreats
Photo: Courtesy of Larry Stanley Photography

2. Big Sky Yoga Retreats

Location: California, Montana, Costa Rica, Italy and Argentina
Dates: March-October 2018
Cost: $1795-$2275 (four days); International retreats range from $2850-$4995.
Add Cowgirl yoga to your list of ways to namaste. Big Sky’s Cowgirl retreats combine yoga with horses — set amongst Mother Nature’s most gorgeous backdrops. Find zen in Montana’s vast green pastures, melt away your fears in Patagonia’s turquoise lakes and snow-capped mountains, and unwind with a glass of wine under the Tuscan sun. Big Sky’s women’s retreats include lodging, daily yoga classes, gourmet meals and drinks, horseback riding and holistic massages. By the end of the retreat, you’ll unleash your inner Warrior I, II and III.

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The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: Kripalu Center Empowered Woman Retreat
Photo: Courtesy of Kripalu Center

3. Kripalu Center’s Empowered Woman, Enlightened Life Retreat

Location: Stockbridge, MA
Dates: February 16-18, 2018
Cost: $240 (without housing)
You’ll want to clear your calendar and some headspace for this retreat, which is all about moving and manifesting. The natural beauty of the Berkshires will beckon you to the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for some R&R and self-growth. The Empowered Woman, Enlightened Life retreat offers workshops on how to re-assess your goals, create strategies for reaching them, and go after what you really want. In addition to the reinvention workshops, you’ll get to try a variety of yoga classes and healing arts sessions, like Ayurvedic facials and meditative massages.

The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: Escape Haven's Bali Fitness Retreat
Photo: Courtesy of Escape Haven

4. Escape Haven Bali Fitness Retreat

Location: Bali, Indonesia
Dates: January-December 2018
Cost: $2,000-3,000
Grab your fit girlfriends and book the ultimate bachelorette vacation! Escape Haven’s luxurious fitness getaway includes bootcamp-style HIIT, kickboxing, TRX training, barre, yoga and Muay Thai classes. For six days, you’ll sign up for unlimited group fitness classes, in addition to nutrition, cooking and self-care workshops. Craving some relaxation? Sign up for a spa treatment, like a massage, or meditation. Once you’re famished from your day’s activities, feast on delicious and healthy meals, borrowing flavors from Southeast Asian cuisine. You’ll leave fitter and more relaxed — plus with a swag bag of fitness gifts and treats.

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The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: Women's Quest
Photo: Courtesy of Carlos Palacios

5. Women’s Quest Adventures for the Mind, Body and Spirit

Location: Costa Rica, Argentina, Iceland, Hawaii, Colorado and Washington
Dates: February-August 2018
Cost: $350-4,500
Founded by Colleen Cannon, a professional triathlete and world champion, Women’s Quest’s retreats offer women a safe place to explore their fitness bucket list minus the intimidation of competition. From surfing and cycling to horseback riding and yoga, you’ll get in touch with your inner athlete, while exploring nature. When else in your life do you get tour Iceland’s volcanoes and hot springs on horseback? If you prefer the beach life, you’ll zipline through the Costa Rican rainforests and ride your first wave at Playa Hermosa beach. And if you make the trek to Patagonia, a boat waits for you at Grey Glacier, where you’ll see icebergs in every shade of blue.

The 6 Best Women’s Retreats: YogaScape Moab Campout
Photo: Courtesy of YogaScape

6. YOGASCAPES The Moab Women’s Campout

Location: Moab, Utah
May 28-31, 2018
Cost: $995
Get ready for the most epic desert adventure! Whether you’re a yogi or adventurer, Moab’s hot and dry weather will put your body and mind to the test. During the day, you’ll rock climb, go rafting and do immersive yoga flows amidst the stunning red rocks, then glamp under the stars at night. (Fun fact: Utah boasts some of the best star gazing in the world thanks to its remoteness, altitude and clear skies.) On your hike through the Arches National Park, you’ll take in majestic views of unique mountain structures you’ll never see anywhere else. The camp offers luxurious tents that bring the comfort of home to the serene desert. And don’t worry, there are nice bathrooms, too.

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