How to Twerk Your Way to a Better Body


How to Twerk 101

Think twerking lost its cred post-Miley? Think again. When it comes to fitness, this style of dance tones the obliques, quads, glutes and more, so there’s basically no reason not to get your twerk on. DailyBurn trainer Keaira Lashae, a YouTube sensation and former contestant on NBC’s “The Voice”, breaks down how to twerk in the video tutorial above. Keep it up for an hour, and you’ll burn up to 500 calories — no equipment necessary.

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Dancing is a fantastic way to squeeze in a challenging workout without leaving your house. (And if you’re a twerking newbie, you can practice your moves at home before bringing them to the floor at the club or at your next party.) Nobody’s watching or judging you while you’re in your living room, so don’t sit this one out! You’ll work up a sweat while boosting your confidence, too. Once you’ve got your groove, cue up Keaira’s booty pop video for another dance tutorial workout.

Can’t stop, won’t stop dancing? For more fun workouts from Keaira that you can do anywhere, anytime, head to for a free trial. 

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