8 Subscription Boxes for Your Instant Fit Fix

8 Subscription Boxes for Your Instant Fit Fix

There’s nothing better than opening your front door to a package filled with a special surprise every week (or month). Especially when it’s one of the many new subscription boxes that’s customized to your personality, food preferences and favorite fitness trends.

Whether your goal is to set yourself up for meal planning success, take up running or become more eco-conscious in the New Year, these care packages can give you a jumpstart and make living a healthy lifestyle a little more convenient. Bundled with the latest health food products, natural beauty products and fitness gear, subscription boxes are a great way to reward yourself and stay motivated to reach your goals. Instead of searching high and low for a grocery store that sells those Paleo snacks you love, order up a monthly delivery. Have an upcoming trail race or camping trip? Check your monthly supply of energy chews and bars.

Here are eight subscription boxes that will make that journey to wellness a little bit easier. Gift one to family and friends for the holidays, or treat yo’self — because nothing feels better than putting your health first!

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8 Subscription Boxes to Get Your Fit Fix

Fab Fit Fun: 8 Subscription Boxes for Your Instant Fit Fix
Courtesy of Fab Fit Fun

1. Fab Fit Fun

Best for: Fitnessistas
What it offers: Made for the fitness beauty queen, a box from Fab Fit Fun gifts you everything from the latest workout DVDs and natural beauty products to yoga towels, adult coloring books, aromatherapy candles and granola bars. If you’ve got a friend who needs extra encouragement for kick-starting their health goals, consider gifting them this quarterly reminder.
Price: Starts at $49.99 for quarterly deliveries (every three months)

8 Subscription Boxes for Every Health Nut
Courtesy of Graze

2. Graze Box

Best for: Smart Snackers
What it offers: Whether you have a salty or sweet tooth, Graze has 100-plus healthy variety packs for every craving. From Apple and Cinnamon Flapjack bars to Superseeds, an in-house nutritionist helps curate the best snacks to meet your nutritional needs. They’re also perfectly portioned and are customized based on your favorite ingredients, including nuts, fruits, whole grains and more. Choose between weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly packages and start grazing away!
Price: Starts at $11.99 for eight snacks per week

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Cairn: 8 Subscription Boxes for Your Instant Fit Fix
Courtesy of Cairn

3. Cairn Box

Best for: Mountain Mavens
What it offers: Weekend hikes and camping trips just got a lot easier and more fun for trailblazers and glampers. This monthly box equips you with outdoor accessories (think: the latest warm, moisture-wicking hiking socks), camping gear (like high-tech cookware, headlamps and hiking poles) and wilderness first-aid kits. You’ll also receive anything from trail mixes to skin care products, such as eco-friendly sunscreen and bug spray.
Price: Starts at $25 per month

Yogi Surprise: 8 Subscription Boxes for Your Instant Fit Fix
Courtesy of Yogi Surprise

4. Yogi Surprise

Best for: Zen Seekers
What it offers: Open your mailbox to monthly sun salutations! Hitting the yoga studio is relaxing, but having these zen staples at home is nice when you want to do a quick down dog session or practice some self-care and meditation. Choose from either the Yogi Jewelry box, which offers healing crystals, bracelets and necklaces, or the Yogi Goods box, which has anything from yoga tools to essential oils and body scrubs.
Price: Starts at $24.99 for Yogi Jewelry box per month; $49.95 for Yogi Goods box per month

Vegan Cuts Healthy Subscription Boxes
Courtesy of Vegan Cuts

 5. Vegan Cuts

Best for: Vegan Wannabes
What it offers: If you’re looking to transition to a 100 percent plant-based lifestyle, Vegan Cuts offers two different subscription box options. One box supplies seven to 10 veggie-approved snack bars, candies, chips, cookies and food substitutions. The other option is four to five pure vegan beauty products, ranging from cosmetics to luxurious skincare.
Price: Starts at $18.50 for vegan snack box per month; $23 for vegan beauty box per month

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RunnerBox Healthy Subscription Boxes
Courtesy of RunnerBox

6. The RunnerBox

Best for: Runners, Cyclists and Triathletes
What it offers: Never again will you get caught without an energy chew or fresh socks! The RunnerBox ships specialized gear, energy bars, gels, protein shakes and supplements and personal care products for long-distance thrill seekers. Cyclists can expect a full range of bike accessories, and triathletes will receive everything from running to swimming gear. Limited edition and one-off boxes are also available, and can be customized for specific events and races.
Price: Starts at $20 for deliveries every two months

ChallengeBox Healthy Subscription Boxes
Courtesy of ChallengeBox

7. Challenge Box

Best for: The Fit Planner
What it offers: Want to lose weight? Or run your first half-marathon? The Challenge Box helps you create a fitness profile with your own goals, and then sends you products, including personalized workout plans, exercise gear, accessories, healthy snacks, recipes and meal plans, to help you meet them. You’ll also be able to download fitness trackers to talk with trainers and other users.
Price: Starts at $7.99 for digital recipes and workouts; $19.99 for basic Challenge Box per month; $36.99 for the Essentials Challenge Box per month

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Bestowed Healthy Subscription Boxes
Courtesy of Bestowed

8. Bestowed

Best for: Eco-Conscious Foodies
What it offers: Formerly known as Conscious Box, Bestowed provides monthly snacks and cooking staples that are healthy and eco-friendly. Curated by nutritionist Heather Bauer, you can guarantee you won’t be eating anything made with artificial food coloring, preservatives, artificial sweeteners or trans fats. All snacks are made with all-natural, sustainably-source ingredients. You’ll also get eco-friendly personal care products, cooking oils, spices, seasonings and bake mixes. The best part is you can customize your box if you’re pregnant, have kids, or are kosher, gluten-free, vegan or Paleo.
Price: Starts at $20 per month

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