7 Desk Items to Help You Calm Down, Stat

7 Items for Anxiety Relief
Photo: Meddy Teddy

If your stress levels are through the roof — don’t worry, it’s not just you. Whether your sky-high anxiety is manifesting in poor sleep, a short temper or incessant foot tapping, take solace in this: there’s a method to your body’s madness. It’s how your body prepares for sudden exertion when stress hormones elevate. The only problem is when you’re not being chased by a tiger, the energy has to go somewhere. The good news: Relief can often come in the most unexpected places — such as fiddle sticks or spinner rings. (Yes, both real things.)

According to a 2016 study, a sensory experience (such as feeling something in your hand) can help with self-regulation of “achieving calm, focus and creativity.”

Mindfulness training traditionally begins with mindfulness of a tangible object,” says Dr. Chloe Carmichael, PhD, a Manhattan-based psychologist. “So it makes a lot of sense that these tools help people to focus their attention.” Check out these totally affordable buys to get your wheels spinning (and mind relaxing) — in a good way.

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7 Gadgets to Help You Reduce Anxiety Now

Fidget Stick
Photo: FidgetGear

1. Fidget Stick

Ah, fiddle sticks! Er, we mean, fidget sticks. This doohickey gives users not just one, but three different ways to shake out their anxiety. The top and bottom offer wheels to spin while the middle section is similar to a worry stone. ($12.99; fidgetgear.com)

Zen Desktop Garden
Photo: Office Playground

 2. Zen Desktop Garden

Is work a major source of anxiety for you and you’ve already maxed out your PTO? Why not take a mini vacation from your day right at your desk? This beach in a box offers a quick escape as you push around the sand and situate your beach chair juuust right. ($9; officeplayground.com) 

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Fidget Cube
Photo: Fidget Cube

3. Fidget Cube

Obsessive pen clicker? Guilty as charged. This cube gives you six different ways to fidget — spinning, rolling, rubbing, flipping, gliding and, yup, clicking. If awakening your sense of hearing appeals to your own personal zen, several of these methods give both audible and silent distractions. ($22; fidgetcube.com)

Photo: Hypnocube


Sometimes we catch ourselves staring off into space when we’re stressed. But what if we could gaze at something truly mesmerizing? This display of LED lights comes with more than 60 different visualizations. That’s enough for you to find a different one every work day for three months straight. Dazed and confused, no more. ($100; hynocube.com)

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Meddy Teddy Meditation Bear
Photo: Meddy Teddy

5. Meddy Teddy

How could you feel anxious with this little guy around? According to the website, his purpose is to teach kids the benefits of yoga and meditation. But we think any adult would benefit from even just a snuggle with him. ($30; meddyteddy.com)

Spinner Ring
Photo: Jam’s Jewels

6. Spinner Ring

If you’ve ever fiddled with your rings in a meeting, you’ll understand the mechanism of this piece of jewelry. Designed with both an inner and outer band, you can spin the inner ring while the outer band stays stationary on your finger. The idea of this “worry ring” is said to have originated in Tibetan meditation traditions as spinning is thought to calm the body down. ($17; jamsjewels.com)

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Newton's Cradle
Photo: Office Playground

7. Newton’s Cradle

We can’t make a list of the ultimate gadgets to beat work stress and not include Newton’s Cradle. You know the one — when one metal ball is lifted and released, the energy transmitted through the other balls pushes the last one upward (and vice versa). Click-clacking aside, we could watch this all day. ($8; officeplayground.com)


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